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It depends on when you last took it as well as how much water you drink. Adipex normally stays in your system for about 3 days but it could be a day or two either way depending on your metabolism.

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Q: Will Adipex show up on a pre-employment drug test?
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Does adipex test positive in drug test?

it can show up as amphetamine

Does adipex show up on a 10 panel test?

does adipex show up on a 10 panel drug screen

Will adipex show up on as meth on a drug test?

it will show up as a false positive

Will Adipex show on a drug test?

Even though Adipex, a brand name for the drug phentermine, is not an amphetamine compound, it sometimes shows positive as "amphetamine" on drug screens.

Will Effexor xr show up in a preemployment drug test?

This shouldn't show up in a pre employment drug test. You can always list it as something you are taking and it won't show up as a negative in your test.

Will a failed DOT preemployment drug test show up on a drivers DAC report?


Will Adipex make you fail a drug test?

Yes. Adipex is phentermine, which is a compound in the amphetamine and phenethylamine class of compounds. Taking Adipex will cause you to test positive for amphetamines on a drug test.

Will adipex affect a urine drug screening test for preemployment?

Its always a good idea to tell them what prescription drugs you are taking. If you need to bring in the prescription bottles thats fine. But no, it won't.

How Does CVS drug test for preemployment?

send you to a doctor

Where do you go for a Walgreen Preemployment Drug Test?


What type of drug would adipex show on drug test?

Adipex (phentermine) may initially cause a false positive for amphetamines, though further testing will resolve the problem.

What do employers test for in preemployment drug test?

Usually methamphetamine and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Can you fail a drug test while taking adipex?

Yes, this is possible. Those taking Adipex can test positive for amphetamines.

Does sysco foods test employees for drug?

Yes there is a preemployment ....but I'm not sure about the random drug test...if anyone knows this that be great

What does adipex show up in a drug test?

Though it is classified under the amphetamine and phenethylamine family, it is not actually an amphetamine, but rather an appetite suppressant used to treat obesity called an anorectic. It can however, pop positive for amphetamine on a drug test, but then they can test further to show it was adipex. (If you have an rx you are good) Personally I have taken adipex a day and a half before a test and passed, but I have read all over the internet people saying it can cause a false positive. One way you could get the answer for yourself would be to buy an OTC drug test and take the test after using adipex for two days and see what happens!

Do adipex and methamphetamine show up as the same thing on a drug test?

hair 5 panels drug testing system 233 days is it clean?

Is here a standard drug test for preemployment or random test that tests for the incense K2?

no I don't believe there is...yet

Will the drug acetaminophen show up in a drug test?

Not unless someone is looking for it specifically, usually in the case of overdose. Preemployment drug tests don't look for it. It's legal to take acetaminophen without a prescription.

Will plavix show up on a preemployment drug screen?

It wont show up on a normal drug screen looking for illicit or illegal compounds but a blood test can show decreased platelet clotting but most employers don't care as it is a drug used for a legitimate medical condition.

What is a preemployment test?

A 5 panel drug screen could be hair or urine, rarely saliva.

Does adipex come up the same as adderall in drug test?

Adipex may test positive for amphetamines, same as Adderall. It will be detectable in urine for approx. 96 hours

What will adipex show up as in a hair test?

Yes as an amphetamine.

Will lexapro show up on a urine durg test?

Lexapro should not show up on a drug test. Most drug testing are only testing for illegal substances and pain killers. Since Lexpro is not an illegal drug or narcotic, there should not be any way for it to show up on a test. A test to detect Lexapro would most likely be very specific and not part of any standard drug test. I just passed a preemployment drug test on lexapro.I thing the only way you could fail is if they were doing a specific test for it.

Will adipex show up on a 5 panel dot drug test?

Adipex will show up on a drug screen. The drug is acentral nervous system stimulant that is similar to an amphetamine. It should be used on a short term basis by obese patients to decrease their appetites when starting a weight loss program which includes behavior modification, exercise, & healthy eating.

Does UPS drug test Part-time package handlers?

Yes I have a friend that works foe ups and they drug tested him~preemployment.