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Will Ashley ever come back to Smackdown. She is so good someone tell me know?

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Is JeffHardy coming to Raw or smackdown?

Jeff Hardy will come back in Smackdown at summer!!!!!!!

Is Jeff hardy gone on smackdown?

He's on TNA and I think he need to come back to smackdown.

Will Jeff hardy come back to raw or smackdown?


Will the undertaker retarn to Friday night smackdown?

yes the Undertaker will come back to Friday Night Smackdown

When will Jeff hardy come back to smackdown 2009?

probably not

Ashley massaro come backkk?

Ashley is still recovering and will be back to WWE shortly.

Will dolf Ziggler come back to smackdown or will he show up on raw?

He's gonna be back on Smackdown on Friday. I don't know why or how. He'll fight and lose to Edge.

Will the rock come back to smackdown?

No, he will not come back to wrestling fulltime. There are rumors that The Rock will return to guest host Raw in June.

Will Jeff Hardy come back to Smackdown?

Possibly, In another several years..

When will the Undertaker come back to Smackdown?

Either just before wrestlemania 27 or after.

When is undertaker coming back to smackdown in 2010?

The undertaker will probably come back when he recovers from his vegetative state

Is WWE Ashley coming back to WWE?

sadly no.I want her to come back

What is the date the undertaker coming back to smackdown?

He's most likely not coming back to Smackdown. Taker is in his mid 50s now and is probably about to retire. He may come back for another Wrestlemania, but that's about it probably

Will The Undertaker come back to WWE?

Yes he will, he will return on Smackdown, July 25, 2008

Will Jeff hardy come back in smackdown in 2011?

No, he won't. He has a contract with TNA now.

What chanel does WWE smackdown come on?

Smackdown is on MY9.

Is Ashley 2009 in WWE?

no isn't never gonna come back i think:(:(:(

When will Ashley Slanina-Davies come back?

She is due to come back sometime in October, which apparently will coincide with Sarah's leaving storyline.

When will Theodore Long come back from that heart attack?

he is on vacation from smackdown! he will be back in 2-4 weeks. by the way, the heart attack wasnt real!!!!!Teddy came back on the Friday Night Smackdown tapings on Tuesday November27, 2007.

Is the rock coming back to smackdown?

He may come back this season or ths year toguest host or to wrestle. If he doesnt.. He is NEVER coming back

Does laurel get back with Ashley in emmerdale?


Is WWE john cena ever going to come back to WWE?

yes John Cena will come back John Cena will signed a full contrast to Friday Night Smackdown

Will sabu ever come back to the WWE?

Sabu may come back for a visit in smackdown vs raw 2010 but we are not certain yet. No, he was relased wayyyyyyyyy last year, he's neva coming back

When will Jeff hardy come back to smackdown?

I am guessing that it hasn't been said yet to the public by the smackdown people. I don't think anyone knows, but i hope its soon. He probably will though.

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