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Q: Will Bill give you all Eevee forms and aurora ticket to go to birth island?
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What is Birth Island?

Birth Island is a secret Island that is the home of Deoxys. You can only get there if you have the Aurora Ticket.

How do you to birth island in emerald for gba?

Need a Aurora ticket to get there.

How do you get Deoxys on Emerald without the Aurora Ticket?

It is not possible to get Deoxys without the Aurora Ticket for you can only find it on Birth Island.

Where does the aurora ticket take you on Pokemon emerald?

it helps you get deoxys on birth island

Where do you get dexoy?

Deoxys is available after completing a puzzle at birth island this island is only accessible if you have the Aurora Ticket.

How do you get to Birth Island in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Get the aurora and mystic ticket by going to a Nintendo event.

How do you get doexys in Pokemon FireRed?

Get an Action Replay and get the Aurora Ticket and go to Birth Island.

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Cheat to get the aurora ticket then go to birth island.

Do you have to mix records to get to Birth Island on Pokemon Emerald?

You have to go to a Nintendo event that gives out the aurora ticket once you get it you can go to birth island.

What is a Aurora ticket?

The Aurora Ticket takes you to Birth Island, home of Deoxys. In Fire red you will meet it in attack form In Leaf green you will meet it in defense form.

How do you use the aurora ticket on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to Vermilion then show the guy on the dock your ticket, then go to birth island

Where is Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

Deoxys is on Birth Island, you can get there once you obtain the Aurora Ticket from the events.

Is there deoxes on Pokemon Emerald?

Yes you can capture it on birth island only accessible if you have the aurora ticket.

How can you go on island 8 in Pokemon leaf green?

Only if you have the mystic ticket and aurora ticket can you venture to birth island and navel rock which is impossible to do without cheats.

How can you go to the 8 and 9 island in FireRed version?

you need the mystic ticket and aurora ticket to go on island 8 and 9 mystic ticket takes you to navel rock, where you get a level 70 lugia and a level 70 ho-oh aurora ticket takes you to birth island,thats where you get a level 30 deoxys

How do you get to birth island in emerald?

You need the aurora ticket which was given out on a Nintendo event which has long since passed.

Where is dooxeys in Pokemon FireRed?

its on birth island and you need an aurora ticket. you get in the mystery gift's Nintendo event

How do you know you have an Aurora ticket?

you can find it in your bag or go to the ship and see if birth island is an option :D

How do you catch doexys in Pokemon Sapphire?

Cheat to get the aurora ticket then go to birth island to capture deoxys.

How do you go to birth island in leafgreen?

Cheat to get the aurora ticket then show it to the guy who took you to the SS Anne.

How can you get a deyoxis?

He/She is on Birth Island you need the aurora ticket to get there which can be obtained by Nintendo promotion. He/She is at level 30 (I think)

How do you find dexoyes in pokeomon ruby?

you have to get the aurora ticket from a Pokemon event in japan. then you give the ticket to the ferry person and he takes you to Birth island.

Where is Birth Island in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't go to the island unless you have the aurora ticket which is now impossible to get without cheats, with that show the sailor who takes you on the ships he will take you to Birth Island.

What is an Aurora Ticket?

The Aurora Ticket was a previous Mystery Gift item that Nintendo distributed. This ticket allowed the player to arrive to Birth Island to encounter Deoxys. The item cannot be obtained during normal gameplay and the event has ended.

Where so you find deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

deoxys can be found on birth island only by having the aurora ticket.