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Breaking Dawn has been filmed and split up in two movies. The dates when they first hit the theaters in the USA are:

Breaking Dawn Part 1: November 18, 2011.

Breaking Dawn Part 2: November 16, 2012.

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Q: Will Breaking Dawn be made into a movie?
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Is breaking dawn getting made into a movie and where did you get the answer from?

yes breaking dawn getting made into a movie. i say because they made twilght and new moon have there own movie. and eclipse and breaking dawn have there own MOVIE TRAILER. so yes breaking dawn is going to be a movie

What movie will be made next eclipse or breaking dawn?

eclipse will. first it is twilight, new moon, eclipse, then breaking dawn.

Will breaking dawn be made into a two part movie?

i guess! it will have to!!

When will Breaking Dawn the movie be out?

Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie will come out November 2011 and Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie will come out November 2012

Are they making a movie for Breaking Dawn?

They are currently making Breaking Dawn part 2. However Breaking Dawn part 1 is already a movie.

Is Breaking Dawn the last movie in the saga?

yes it is the last book to be made into a movie

Breaking Dawn the movie?

The True Answer:Breaking Dawn The movie, WILL come out November 18, 2011.

When The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn is over is there another movie?

No, Breaking Dawn is the last movie.

What movie comes after the 1 twilight movie?

New Moon, then Eclipse, and last Breaking Dawn (for the movie it is Breaking Dawn Part 1 and then Breaking Dawn Part 2).

Is kristan going to be in the movie breaking dawn?

Yes. She will be in Breaking dawn.

Who plays renesmee in breaking dwan?

Breaking Dawn in the Twilight series has not been made in to a movie yet.

Will there be a fourth twilight movie?

Yes, Breaking Dawn was released in 2011.

What is Breaking Dawn movie?

Breaking Dawn is the Fourth installment of the Twilight Sega

Was Breaking Dawn made into a movie?

Yes it was with all the people from the twilight series.

Will Breaking Dawn be made on to a movie?

Yes and they are talking about making it into two movies.

What is the name of the second Breaking dawn film?

The second movie of the breaking dawn book will be called breaking dawn part two.

Is there going to be a twighlight after breaking dawn?

no, breaking dawn part 2 is the last movie. No, breaking dawn also the last book.

Will there be a movie after Breaking Dawn?


Why won't there be a Breaking Dawn movie?

Actually, there will be a Breaking Dawn movie. So I guess I can't really answer your question :) .

Is twilight Breaking Dawn a movie?

Yes The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn a movie. That's why it's everywhere.

Is there going to be a movie after eclipse?

Yes, the cast of twilight has been very vocal about breaking dawn. They have also confirmed breaking dawn will be made into two movies.

Where are Breaking Dawn try outs?

The movie breaking dawn already has its actors ready to film breaking dawn part 1 in 2011

Who is renesme in Breaking Dawn movie?

Bellas child. Correct, but the movie Breaking Dawn hasn't been released yet.

Will there be a 4th twilight movie?

yes it will be called breaking dawn and be made into 2 parts.

Have the made Breaking Dawn the movie?

They are making it right now it will come out next year.