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i think yes

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Q: Will Christian Beadles likes blonde hair girls?
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What kind of girls dose Christian beadles like?

Christain Beadles likes girls that express themselves but dont let their feelings get ahead of their relenship. He likes girls that are open-minded and keep their eyes wide open and explore the world

Does christian beadles like girls taller than him?

He likes girls average height at this moment in time, he likes a girl named Jade Jackson considering that they are dating.

Would christian beadles date a girl even if the girl she likes is two years younger?

He likes girls who are his age like me :D

What color hair does christian beadles like on a girl?

He likes girls that have Blond hair but have black and brown in it to (I have that kind of hair) (:

Does Christian Beadles date a blonde from North Carolina?

no i don't thing so she doesn't like blond people she likes ginger Irish people sorry to disappoint.

What does Christian beadles look in a girl?

A Christian, funny, likes to smile, not insecure :)

What is christian beadles favorite animal?

He likes a lot of animals

Does christian beadles like water parks?

i dont know but he certainly likes his girlfriend jade beadles!

Are Brogan Burnside and Christian Beadles dating?

No. Brogan has said she likes Christian, but Christian doesn't return the feelings.

What is Christian beadles favorite eye color?

he likes hazel colored eyes :)

What is christian beadles favorite soda?

he likes red bull so much!

What is the favorite song of christian beadles?

i don't know, but he likes dubstep, i think.