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Christian Beadles is the brother of Caitlin Beadles, who dated Justin Bieber before he was famous. He starred in one of Bieber's music videos, and is also good friends with Justin, and has a series of videos on YouTube.

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Christian Beadles

What are some of Caitlin beadles favorite songs?

All around the world by Justin bieber

Christian Beadles

What are christian beadles sister names?

He only has one sister, and her name is Caitlin.

Christian Beadles

Is Christian Beadles from Canada?

Nope, he is from Atlanta Georgia.

2nd answer...

Marietta Georiga, to be exact:)

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Christian Beadles

Has christian beadles kissed a girl?

I have never kissed a girl on the mouth, but I have kissed a few girls cheeks.

Christian Beadles

What is christian beadles dad's last name?

His Name is Willis P. Beadles

Christian Beadles

What street does christian beadles live on?

I don't know the street or the street number, but he lives in Marietta, Georgia, USA. Marietta, GA, is in Cobb County.

Christian Beadles

Is Christian beadles parents still married?


Christian Beadles

Where in la does Caitlin beadles live?

She lives in Los Angeles, but as of right now she's back in Gerogia with her family so she can be home to deal with her disease.

Christian Beadles

What is Sandi Beadles full name?

sandra beadles... I dont know the middle though:\

Christian Beadles

What are Christian Beadles's Pets and Names?

Of what I know so far....

2 Dogs- Shawty and Pee-Wee

Cat- Juicy

Horse- Sting/Sting-a-ling

Ferret- Roscoe

Warthog- Gizmoe

Christian Beadles
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Christian Beadles

Who is Christian Beadles?

Christian Beadles (born November 22, 1996) is the brother of Caitlin Beadles, and both are friends of pop idol Justin Bieber.

Christian Beadles is really good friends wtih the famous pop-star Justin Bieber, Christian's older sister Caitlin, dated Justin when he wasn't as famous as he is now.

Christian was in the music video with Justin Bieber called "Ennie Meenie."
Christian Beadles born on November 22,1996

Christian Beadles

How tall is Christian beadles 2011?

As of July 2011, Christian Beadles is 5'2 1/2 as listed on IMDb.

Christian Beadles

How years old christian beadles?

As of May 2011, Christian Beadles is 14 years old and will be turning 15 later this year. His birthday is November 22, 1996.

Christian Beadles

What is christian beadles dating range?

Girls his own age

Christian Beadles

What is christian beadles messenger email?

Sorry- WikiAnswers does not provide personal information, including email and phone numbers.

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Christian Beadles

Is Christian Beadles dating Selena Gomez?


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Christian Beadles

Is Kylie Jenner from Keeping Up with The Kardashians dating Christian Beadles?

No.Christian Beadles Is dating Serena Rodriguez.they have been secretly dating for 3 years.there Anniversary was on october.24,2011(there third year together) Serena Rodriguez is best friends with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Since Little kids.She has her own youtube,channel TwitterIs @SerenaRodriguez.her Twitter Account IS Verified As well,as Christian's Mocospace account and Twitter.Christian Is dating Serena Rodriguez,not Kylie Jenner,or Kendall Jenner.

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Christian Beadles

How old is Christian Beadles?

Christian Beadles is 21 years old (birthdate is November 22, 1996).

Christian Beadles

How does christian beadles flirt?

With Girls Byy Beingg Funnyy?? If He's Normal??(:

Christian Beadles

Who is Christian Beadles currently dating?

christian beadles is not dating anyone at the moment.

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Christian Beadles

Where does christian Jacob beadles live?

atlanta georgia

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Christian Beadles

What is christian beadles address in Atlanta?

Its your mom!! Xd

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Christian Beadles

Where does christian beadles live now?

He lives in Atlanta Georgia but he refuses to give out anymore info incase he gets stalked.

Christian Beadles

Will Christian Beadles likes blonde hair girls?

i think yes


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