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Will Curry Man come back to TNA?

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No, Curry Man will not be back in TNA.

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Is the fallen angel coming back to tna?

He is in TNA under Curry Man. He will most likely return as his masked persona got fired in the Feast or Fired match

Where is Christiphor Daniels?

He is currently wrestling in TNA as Curry Man, a character he honed in Japan.

Who will come back 2012 tna impact wrestling?

Jeff Hardy is come back on tna impact wrestling 2012.

Is team 3d going come back WWE?

no they are on tna. no they are on tna.

Who is Total Non-stop wrestling's suicide?

Suicide started out as Frank Kazarian also known as Kaz. After her injured his bicep, TNA had Christopher Daniels lose the Feast or Fired match as Curry Man and come back as Suicide. It seems since Kaz has come back from injury and has taken over the Suicide character.

Is Jeff Jarret ever coming back to TNA?

no he will never come back.

Will Samoa Joe come back to Tna Wrestling?

He's been on TNA he left for half of 2005 for Ring of Honor then he came back

Jeff hardy will come back in what year?

Never his on TNA

Will sting and Kevin Nash come back to tna?


Is domino coming back to WWE?

No he will never come back he said he will join TNA

When will Jeff hardy leave tna?

idk when he will leave but i know he will because he left TNA for WWE and he went back to TNA because he got fired from WWE and i know he is going to come back to WWE !

When will Jeff hardy come back to WWE?

Not for a little while as he is in tna.

Will Mickie James come back?

Mickie is in TNA right now, but she will probably come back to WWE sometime in the future.

Is Jeff Hardy coming back to WWE in 2010?

maybe but proply not he might come back to tna but he proply will not come back I think he will come back at wrestlemania 26

Are you glad that Jeff hardy is back in TNA?

No because I wanted him to come back as a wwe superstar.

When Jeff hardy will be back at WWE?

he will never come back. he's now wrestling in tna

Will tna Angelina love come back?

Umm..... I'm pretty sure shes back. do u NOT watch TNA? or is this a really old question? just wondering.

Will mick foley come back to WWE?

Never. he is a TNA fighter now.

Will jeff hardy come back in 2012?

no but hes in tna but hes uglyer

Is Jeff hardy back?

Yes he is now on TNA he probably wont come back to WWE sadly

Will Jeff hardy come back to tna?

well right now he is recovering from injuries and after that wwe and tna will bid the highest money to have him on their company

When is hogan coming back?

he is back in tna he has made tna on top!!

Is brock lesnar going to tna?

No Brock Lesnar is in UFC and he will have to defend his tittle.If he losses he might go to TNA but there is a very strong chance that he will not come to TNA and that he might go back to the WWE.

When will Jeff jarrett come back to tna?

Within the next two weeks.

Will tna come to Oregon?

TNA has confirmed that it will come to Oregon in March 2011