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Short answer... No.

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Q: Will Decon rat poison kill roaches also?
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Will decon kill squirrels?


Does cold air kill roaches?

Yes, cold air can kill roaches, but it takes a prolonged period of being exposed to cold air to also kill the egg cases.

Will mice poison Decon kill squirrels?

Yes it will kill squirrels since squirrels are like big rats, poison is poison and it sure is not the right thing to do even though its very tempting since they eat every pretty flower we have and make horrible holes. So better off setting a trap

Will dcon mice pellets kill roaches also. I put some pellets in my attic Went to check and found a cockroach eating the pellets Will it kill roaches also?

It is possible for Dcon to kill roaches as well. Though it is doubtful it will kill a infestation it is advised that someone use a proper roach removal method. as well

Can rat poison kill mice?

No, rat poison will not kill roaches. Rat poison is designed to stop blood clotting and the rat dies from internal bleeding.

Will the chemical decon kill a skunk if eaten?

It is likely that if enough of the chemical Decon is eaten by a skunk, it will die. Otherwise, the animal will like become quite ill.

Do cats kill roaches?

Yes, they do.

Does malathion kill roaches?

YEs Malathion can be used to kill roaches and many other pest but must be cautious while using.

Can eugenol oil be used to kill roaches?

yes it kills roaches and bed bugs

Can a cobra kill a rhino?

Yes. A cobra would spray poison at the rhino, and a cobra could also kill an elephant with its poison.

What animals does rat posion kill?

Rat poison can kill any small animal , but if a large animal contains the poison with a certain amount it will possibly kill or injure the possessor. Rat poison can also kill babies or small children.

What do you do if your Yorkie may have eaten DeCon rat pellets?

Take the pet to the veterinarian immediately! Rat poison causes internal bleeding and can easily kill your pet in a short amount of time the pet does not receive immediate veterinary care!