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The current doctor (the tenth) will regenerate in the final special of 2009. Other than that there have been loads (old age, exile by Time Lords, radiation from cave, falling off radio telescope, etc ....

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How many lives does Doctor Who have?

Time Lords (the Doctor) can regenerate twelve times. But who knows, the Doctor might be so awesome he can regenerate more times.

What will happen when the 11h Doctor dies?

He will regenerate into the 12th Doctor.

What will happen after the 12th Doctor dies in Doctor Who?

He'll regenerate into the 13th Doctor.

How did the fourth Doctor regenerate?

The fourth Doctor fell off a bridge.

Will the 11th Doctor die?

Eventually yes, he will regenerate into the twelfth Doctor.

Why did romana regenerate in Doctor Who?

Romana was another Time Lord, like the Doctor.

Who did Tom Baker regenerate into as Doctor Who?

Peter Davison.

When does the Tenth Doctor regenerate?

In the movie, The End Of Time.

Why does the Doctor regenerate?

Time Lords regenerate because they have a injury or something is wrong, it's their way of healing themselves.

In what episode did the eighth Doctor regenerate in?

It is unknown, the Eighth Doctor only appeared in a movie.

What would happen if The Doctor got bitten by a vampire?

He would regenerate.

How does the 11th doctor regenerate?

We won't know how or why until he actually regenerates.

Where did the Eleventh Doctor regenerate?

Trenzalore (his final resting place), in the town of Christmas

How did the 6th Doctor regenerate?

The 6th Doctor regenerated after suffering unspecified injuries when The Rani attacked the TARDIS causing it to crash.

Why did David Tenant regenerate?

Because it was time for him to go he didn't want to be the doctor anymore and that's why they regenerate so that they can go from actor to actor without it being obvious

Which episodes of Doctor Who does the master regenerate?

NuWho -- Episode name : Utopua/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords. This is when we see Derek Jacobi regenerate into John Simm

What ocean did the 10th doctor regenerate in journey's end?

I dont think he was in an ocean... He was in the Tardis...?

Why did the fifth doctor regenerate?

He was poisoned and used the last of the antidote to save his companion, Peri.

Is the girl on Doctor Who day of the moon the doctor?

The girl in the end of Day of the Moon seems to be Amys daughter and she can regenerate since she was in the tardis.

Why did the eighth Doctor regenerate?

The eighth Doctor regenerated offscreen and nothing is known about how or why he regenerated. The eighth Doctor appeared onscreen only once in a TV movie. We know th Time War happened between the TV movie and the start of the 2005 series. It's widely assumed that whatever the Doctor did to end the Time War caused him to regenerate.

Can you really regenorate like on doctor who andis it possible?

Currently humans cannot regenerate at all

Is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who at Christmas?

On June 1st, 2013 it was confirmed that Matt Smith will be leaving the show, his Doctor will regenerate in the Christmas special.

How did the 1st Doctor regenerate?

He regenerated because his current body was getting old, so it was of natural causes.

How did the TARDIS regenerate itself in the eleventh hour?

If the Doctor regenerates then the T.A.R.D.I.S regenerates. If the T.A.R.D.I.S blows up or something, then the Doctor will die. It basically has a part of him made in it.

How many times can Doctor Who regenerate?

The doctor can regenerate 12 times in total, so far he has regenerated 11 times and throughout those times 10 different actors have been played by the doctor. That doesn't mean the show will end when the regeneration limit is up, the Master gained a whole new cycle of regenerations so they will find away for the Doctor to go over the limit.