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Q: Will Doug and Ren and Stimpy and Rugrats return on Nickelodeon for their 20th anniversary?
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Will Rugrats return to Nickelodeon?

As of 02|2014, NickToons is currently airing Rugrats. If you mean return w/ new episodes... No that will never happen.

When did the Rugrats return to Nickelodeon?

December 27, 2010, they showed the movie the day before.

When will Chalk Zone return to Nickelodeon?

Probably not. Sorry!

Is ren and stimpy return to tv?

It'll Come Back In A Week

Will nick gas return if the Nickelodeon studios is rebuilt?

is Herboine real

When will CatDog return to Nickelodeon?

it is not in nickeiodeon it is nicktoons on 1:00 or 2:00

Did Nickelodeon fire Jaimie Lynn Spears?

No, but it's unlikely she'll return to Nickelodeon or any other show, mainly because she has a daughter to raise.

When addressing 50th anniversary invitations is it wrong to put the anniversary couples return address on envelopes or does etiquette dictate it be someone elses address in the family?

* If the couple who are having their 50th wedding anniversary is putting on the party themselves (many couples do) then yes, they should put their return address on the envelopes. If it's a surprise 50th wedding anniversary by a member of the family then the return address should be that family members address or they would spoil the surprise.

Will Nickelodeon ever bring back Rocket Power?

No. There's no reason to believe Rocket Power will return with a reboot.

Did Nickelodeon fire Jamie Lynn Spears?

No. Zoey 101 ended before Spears got pregnant, but it seems unlikely she'll return to Nickelodeon, or any show, since she's got a daughter to raise.

Will Bilie Piper return to Doctor Who?

She is returning for the 50th anniversary special, along with David Tennant!

Does the wii game Kirby's 20th anniversary have Kirby's return to dream land?

No, it focuses on the older games.

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