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Will Earth explode or be thrown out of orbit if global warming continues?

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2014-08-13 08:24:05

No. No change in orbit or explosiveness!

What will happen is that the mean average temperature of the

atmosphere will increase, resulting in ice caps melting, which will

cause sea levels to rise, and triggering climatic changes. These

changes will alter the type of crops which can be grown in a given

location, cause species to change their migratory habits, and

change weather patterns. The Earth itself, the planet, will not be

affected, nor will the planet's orbit around the Sun be


With regard to the oceans rising - the impact will not be

entirely due to the added water generated by melting ice caps. The

water in the oceans will become less dense due to its being warmer

and less saline. Less dense water will not have the weight to

compress the deep waters as tightly and they will expand slightly.

It is estimated water at the bottom of the Pacific is compressed by

about 1.08% at 4000 m. Releasing this pressure by even a small

amount could result in a depth increase of several meters.

(Reference:See the link below.)

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