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It depends on the severity of the charges, but yes. They can, and in the case of a felony charge, probably will.

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Q: Will Florida extredite from KY on a drug warrant?
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Is there a statute of limitations on a bench warrant in KY?

A statute of limitations is related to bringing a law suit. As such, there is no such thing as a statute of limitations for a bench warrant.

Will KY extradite a violation of probation from Florida?

It depends on the probation, felony or misdemeanor. Either way, if you get picked up in Florida they will run a nationwide warrant check on you. If they find the po violation, they will let the that county know and they will have a set amount of days to come get you or your automatically released. Here in Texas its 10 buisness days

What is the maximum that the state of Kentucky can hold a felony warrant?

If you are speaking of them holding a warrant for you but you have, so far, avoided arrest - - they can hold it until the warrant is withdrawn or until the statute of limitations for your particular offense expires (if it does). If you are speaking of being held for extradition by KY for a felony warrant - - they can hold you until the state that issued the warrant comes for you.

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what do you do in getting a interstate compass from Florida prison to a KY prison

Does norton surburban drug test newborns in louisville KY?

Did you ever find out if they do or not

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How long can they hold you on probation violation with no arrest warrant in Boyd County KY?

Don't understand the question. If the authotrities do not have a warrant, then WHAT are they holding you on? If the 'wanting' jurisdiction has teletyped a "hoild" order until a warrant can be issued, that is sufficient to hold you. If it is an 'in-state violation,' mere knowledge that you are wanted is sufficient.

Can a convected felon get food stamps in Ky?

Yes with successful completion of drug treatment