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Will HHH come back in 2010?


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2010-10-03 22:42:59
2010-10-03 22:42:59

HHH will come back before or after SUMMERSLAM because of what sheamus did. i agree sheamus did hurt HHH but hes actually hes filming a kids movie. im guessing hell return oct.,nov.,dec.,jan.

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HHH will come back in late Nov, December, Or January. If HHH isn't back by that time I'm gussing he'll never return

Yes. He is supposedly coming back late 2010 or early 2011.

He is said to come back sometime in 2011

The person before me said at summerslam 2010 but that already happened i think he will come back at elimination chamber or wrestlemania. but now that i think about it he will probally come back at royal rumble. shemus will be the only one in the ring and he will hear the fans counting down for the # 20 contestant and it will be HHH.

HHH came back on 2/21/11. The same time the undertaker came back and also on 7/18/11.

Eventually, yes. Personally, I think he is the "anonymous" raw gm

Yes i am 100% sure that HHH will be back!

Yes, Because he said after his Wrestlemania match on Raw and i Quote "When you come back Undertaker I will be waiting."

Destroy, If Cena gets hired by Wade Barret in a few days on MNR (Monday Night Raw) HHH will come back and help cena.

he will not come back in 2010 but in 2011

He will come back at WWE TLC 2010.

triple h is dead June 2010 - Don't lie! He is not dead he will be back in August

He will come back in the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011

It might not even be 2010. It might be 2011.

yes hes comming back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS AN OFFICIAL SPOILER SO IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW, DONT READ ON! WWE have already written and published to the board that HHH will return for or at Summerslam 2010 to face Sheamus. HHH was having some neck and back problems and was only doing tapings for TV. This was not the main reason he has taken some time off. In storyline, Sheamus attacked HHH however in real life, HHH is currently filming a new movie.

he is going to retire on march 25 2010

Late 2010 or early 2011

they might shawn is coming back and hhh might be riveals wth john and toucher shawn so they have to come back to gather have 2

easy he will come in 2013

HHH will return sometime in Febuary 2011.....He is possible to make the royal rumble like Cena one of the last entrys and win it to go to wrestlemania...the same as HBK rumoured to come back

yes because he said it on tv That's a lie HHH has not said when or if he is returning

He is supposed to be returning in the weeks coming as a regular and is advertised for the Smackdown after Wrestlemania 29 then disappear... again...

yes late 2010 or early 2011

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