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Will HTP show negative when you are three months pregnant?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-19 20:07:11

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An HTP should still be positive at 3 months

2007-06-19 20:07:11
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Q: Will HTP show negative when you are three months pregnant?
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How long until you start to show your pregnant?

Arounds three or for months.

How long does it take a pregnant mare to show?

three or four months.

Can a women 7 months pregnant and not show?

Can a women 7 months pregnant and not show?

How long after a miscarriage will test be negative?

I think you mean positive. Negative means you are not pregnant and it will remain that way until you are pregnant again. It will show positive until the hormones settle which can take up to 2 months.

Your wife had a baby about three months ago now she took a pregnancy test and it showed up positive faintly and then two the next morning which show negative Is that hormones from the first pregnancy?

Nope it sounds like your wife is pregnant again. Although rare to get pregnant again in the first three months after giving birth its been known to happen.

Is it possible for your stomach to get bigger earlier if your pregnant?

If you are already fat when you get pregnant you will show earlier. If you are skinny you may not show until three or four months. This is completely normal for women to show at different times.

Could you be 3 to 4 months pregnant and have a PT show up negative and still have shorter or lighter periods?

Unlikely but still possible

Can you be 3 months pregnant and not show?


What are the possibilities 1positive and 2negative pregnancy tests 2 weeks late had baby 3 months ago 2 normal cycles since presenting early signs?

If you have a positive test it overrides all negative tests plain and simple. A test can show negative and you could be pregnant but a test will never show positive when you are not pregnant. You are pregnant. congratulations.

Is it 2 months' pregnant or 2 month's pregnant?

It is 2 months (no apostrophe) pregnant. Apostrophes are used to show possession or as part of a contraction.

Can you be 7 months pregnant and not show?

Unlikely, but not impossible.

Do you show 4 months pregnant?

Some people do

Can you be seven months pregnant and not show?

Yes. There are women, especially those who are overweight to begin with, who do not show at seven months.

Can you be three months pregnant an not have much of a belly?

yes. that's normal. you wont show until like 4-5 mths.

Can a woman be pregnant and show a negative result on a hpt?


Can you be pregnant and the pregnancy test say you're not pregnant also not having your period for 3 months?

If you are thinking you are 3 months pregnant and a preg test still shows negative, then this cannot be the case. It is possible a preg tes will not show positive until you are 6 weeks alone (if you have low HCG levels), but not 12 weeks. If you "feel" pregnant, and you are still testing negative, it could be a phantom pregnancy, or there could be something wrong with your periods.

Plus size and pregnant when do you start to show?

i am plus size and when I was pregnant, I didn't really start to show until about 6 months.

Are you able to show at two to three months pregnant?

depends on your body if you are very thin then you may be able to see a little bulge in the lower part of your abdomen I didnt't start to really show until 41/2 months and once I was 6 months pregnant that's when everyone else could tell I was pregnant and not just getting fat hope this helps, good luck God Bless and Congratulations!!!

What you look like after two weeks of being pregnant?

You generally don't start to show until you are about three and half to four months along. So, at two weeks, you wouldn't show.

What if you tried to get your ex girlfriend pregnant for 9 months and then your girlfriend now after 5 months says you are pregnant and your ex girlfriend is pregnant too but by somebody else?

You go on the MAURY SHOW!!

How soon will a girl show when she's pregnant?

About 3 months usually.

Can After a Miscarriage the hcg levels still be high and show pregnant on a test and not be pregnant?

Yes it takes about 2 months for the hormones to settle and during that time the test will show pregnant.

I haven't smoked for a year and then I took a buff 3 months ago and was wondering if it would show up positive or negative I work out a lot and I drink a lot of waterI'm 4 10' and my weight is 109?

If you used to smoke but haven't for a year, one puff three months ago will show up as a negative.

Are you pregnant if you missed your period and first test was negative but the second was positive?

My understanding is that the tests do not always show positive when you are pregnant, but that they never show positive if you are not pregnant. In other words, if you have a positive test, you are almost certainly pregnant.

If you are pregnant when does the pregnancy start to show?

If your are healthy, and eating properly, at about 4 months.