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From what you posted I think it will run.

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2009-10-31 20:11:17
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Q: Will Half Life 2 run on a computer with 3.0 ghs 512mb memory 64 mb video card ati 300x directx 9.0c hp pavilion?
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The definition of PC2700 is a type of RAM memory chip that has been used in computers for a while. 512MB is the amount of memory that can be found in the computer.

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Computer memory or RAM These are just recommended to run Windows 98 = 256mb to 512mb Windows XP = 512mb to 1gb Windows Vista = 1gb to 2gb Windows 7 = 512mb to 1gb Mac OS X = 512mb to 1gb Computer HDD space A good 256gb is enough

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=You need help!! And it is not normal.=

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Yes,i have 512mb ram and Ati with 128 mb

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