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From what you posted I think it will run.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-31 20:11:17
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Q: Will Half Life 2 run on a computer with 3.0 ghs 512mb memory 64 mb video card ati 300x directx 9.0c hp pavilion?
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What is the definition of 512MB PC2700?

The definition of PC2700 is a type of RAM memory chip that has been used in computers for a while. 512MB is the amount of memory that can be found in the computer.

How much memory is recommended for a computer to be used as a digital darkroom?


How many MB should be on a computer?

Computer memory or RAM These are just recommended to run Windows 98 = 256mb to 512mb Windows XP = 512mb to 1gb Windows Vista = 1gb to 2gb Windows 7 = 512mb to 1gb Mac OS X = 512mb to 1gb Computer HDD space A good 256gb is enough

What is the most memory on a xbox360 memory card?


Does a 512mb have more memory than 2gb?

No. 2 Gb is 2048 Mb. 2Gb is four times the memory of 512Mb.

Is a 2GB stick of memory bigger than a 512MB stick of memory?

Yes, 512MB is 1/4 the size of 2GB.

How can you download music onto your micro sd 512mb memory card via your computer?

=You need help!! And it is not normal.=

You have 512MB of ram and geforce with 512MB of memory will cod4 run in your PC?

Yes,i have 512mb ram and Ati with 128 mb

Do I need any tools to install the 512mb memory upgrade in my Dell Dimension 8200?

No, you shouldn't require any tools to install a memory upgrade for your computer.

What do you have if you have two 512MB on your PC?

I suppose that you are talking about memory or aka (RAM).if you have two 512mb sticks of RAM you have one gigabyte of RAM. The more RAM you have the faster your computer will be. So the awnser is RAM or A Gigabyte.

What is the biggest memory found in a laptop?


How much memory can you store with 512mb?

I think I am answering this correctly. Memory is also called RAM or DDRAM, SDRAM etc. 512MB of memory is 512MB of memory. If you check the back of your software cases you will notice that it gives you the system minimum and recommended for memory required. Example windows 7 recommends 1GB of system memory minimum to install and run.

Will Battlefield 3 play on a laptop?

Battlefield 3 can be played on any computer that meets the game's system specifications. Battlefield requires: Windows Vista or later Dual core processor DirectX 10 or 11 video card with 512MB of video memory 2GB of RAM 10GB of hard drive space

Is a gaming computer with the gpu as nvidia geforce 9400 gt with video memory as 512mb memory a good choice for 600 dollars?

I would have to say no because that card is way outdated. But it depends on what you were planning to play with your computer.

What is the name of the computer game that holds the record for needing the most advanced computer to operation on?

Crysis Probally the Requriments areRecommended RequirementsCPU: Core 2 Duo/Athlon X2 or betterRAM: 1.5GBVideo Card: NVIDIA 7800 Series, ATI Radeon 1800 Series or betterVRAM: 512MB of Graphics MemoryStorage: 12GBSound Card: DirectX 9.0c CompatibleODD: DVD-ROMOS: Microsoft Windows XP or VistaDirectX: DX9.0c or DX10

Does a Wii have a harddrive?

No, but it does have 512MB of internal flash memory.

Is 512MB larger than 2GB?

No. 2 Gb is 2048 Mb. 2Gb is four times the memory of 512Mb.

Can you transfer a used 512mb memory block from your old computer to your new computer?

If you mean RAM. then you may transfer it, but the new motherboard must support the same type of RAM.

You have got 512MB why is your computer only showing 488MB?

More than likely you have an "onboard" video or sound device which is taking part of the memory.

Is a computer with 512mb good?


Do an Xbox 360 arcade come with an memory card?

yes it does. a 512mb memory stick.

Which computer has more memory one with 1 gig RAM or one with 512 Megs of RAM?

The one with 1GB of RAM. 512MB is 0.5 of 1GB

How much storage does a 512mb memory card have?

no body kknooowsss

How many pictures can a 512Mb memory card hold?


Does an Xbox 360 arcade have built in memory?

Most new Arcade consoles have 512MB of internal memory.