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Dealerships are not typically recognized repossession agents, however, if you bring in a vehicle for service, and a valid repossession order exists for that vehicle, the delareship may secure the vehicle for the lender so that repossession may take place.

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Q: Will Harley dealership repossess when in for service?
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Can dealership repossess car if i bring it in for service?

No, but the finance company can.

Can a dealership repossess your car if they are not the lien holder?

No. The lienholder is the only entity with a right to repossess.

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Can a car dealership repossess your car if they say you owe them more money for a down payment?

A dealership can only repossess your car if you do not pay in accordance with the sale agreement. If you did not pay the agreed down payment, the car may be repossessed.

What can a car dealership do when your car has a lean on it?

If a car dealership has a lean on your car and you have not made the required payments they may repossess your car.

Where is the Dyna Harley Davidson dealership located?

The Dyna motorcycle is sold at any Harley Davidson dealership. In Kitchener, Ontario the dealership can be found on Kingsway drive, their phone number is 519-893-0493.

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Check the showroom floor at any Harley dealership.

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Can a car dealership repo your car if you already have a lender for the vehicle?

The DEALERSHIP won't repossess the car, but the lender might if you don't make the monthly payments as scheduled.

Where can a barnett Harley Davidson be bought?

Barnett Harley Davidson motorcycles can be purchased at your local Harley Davidson dealership. Alternatively, they can also be found on eBay or the official Harley Davidson website.

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How can you find out if your harley is still under warrenty?

call the dealership?

Does rick hendrick own a harley Davidson dealership?


What kind of Transmission fluid should you use in a 2004 Harley softail?

You should only use Harley transmission fluid from the dealership. It's engineered by Harley for their transmissions.

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Is it legal for a dealership to repossess a vehicle that was not financed only a bank error without letting you correct the problem?


Can a car dealership who in-house financed the car repossess it?

YES, if they have the folks, ect. to do it. A lot of note lots do so.

Where can you buy Harley Davidson mufflers?

A person can buy Harley Davidson mufflers directly from a Harley Davidson licensed dealership. This would be the best places to buy Harley Davidson mufflers because they are guaranteed to be genuine and not counterfeits.