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No sadly she doesn't, Erin has confirmed she is dead.

Where did you get that? But there is soooo much evidence she is alive!!! ...Also if she really is dead, I think I will die myself......also Erin Hunter made one question unanswered-Did Hollyleaf-if she is dead-commit suicide or was it on accident? I don't think Erin Hunter would leave something like that unanswered unless Hollyleaf really is alive....

Uh, maybe she's just thinking about it! After all, she writes the books. You can't expect her to just come up with it just like that right on the dot!

I agree with u. There is alot of evidence that she's still alive. It could happen, people! Only the third book of the Omen of the Stars series is going to come out soon! -_-

I red some where that Hollyleaf comes back in the fifth book of OMEN of the STARS. The Erin Hunter's have confirmed this. They have not given any conclusions as to whether or not she is alive, but in a cave in there always is that 1 out of 10 chance that you will survive. So maybe she alive.


Read your books people.

she is as calm as ever. She IS NOT murderous. She saved Cherrypaw and Molepaws little behinds.. AND EVERYONE THOUGHT SOL DID IT.


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No one knows this for sure. Although the books claim that she is dead, some people believe that she is simply trapped in the tunnels below, which would give her pleanty of opportunities to show up later in the series.

Note: Although Erin Hunter refuses to reveal any information on Hollyleaf's alleged death, her silence on this topic seems to suggest that Hollyleaf is not truly dead. After all, if she is really dead, what's to be secretive about?

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Q: Will Hollyleaf return in the Warriors Omen Of The Stars series?
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Is there a warriors book after omen of the stars 4?

Yes, after "Omen of the Stars" series, there is a series called "A Vision of Shadows" in the Warriors books which continues the story with new adventures and challenges for the Clans.

What is Warriors Omen of the Stars?

Warriors: Omen of the Stars, is the title of the fourth series of warriors.

Who is firestars great grandchild in the omen of the stars warriors?

Firestar's great-grandchild in the Omen of the Stars series of Warriors is Alderheart. He is the great-grandson of Firestar, through Firestar's granddaughter, Squirrelflight, and her son, Leafpool. Alderheart is a significant character in the Omen of the Stars series, serving as a medicine cat of ThunderClan.

What are the 2 main clans called?

in the Warriors series ,Firestar and Tigerstar,in New Prophesy Brambleclaw Squirrleflight and Leafpool,in Power of Three Jayfeather Hollyleaf Lionblaze,in Omen of the Stars Jayfeather Lionblaze Dovewing

Who is the outsider in warriors omen of the stars book 5?

there are a lot Do you mean in the forgotten warrior??? If so then it is either Hollyleaf or sol.

What is 'Omen of the Stars'?

It is the fourth set of the Warriors series.

What is the Warriors 4th series?

It will be called 'Omen of the Stars'

Will there be a fourth warriors series?

Yes, Erin Hunter is in the middle of writing the fourth series of warriors, that will be know as Omen of the Stars.

When does hollyleaf come back?

Hollyleaf returns in "The Forgotten Warrior," which is the fifth book in the Omen of the Stars series of the Warrior Cats books. She makes her reappearance after being presumed dead earlier in the series.

In Warriors cat series Omen of the Stars who becomes leader?

I think it will be Lionblaze. I hope not because I hate Lionblaze! I wish Lionblaze did everything Hollyleaf did and Hollyleaf was still alive to be the next leader. Lionblaze is a betrayer to his Clan! Kill Lionblaze! I like Brambleclaw. I want Brambleclaw, Graystripe, Brackenfur or Cinderheart to become leader.

What is the next series of warriors after The Power Of Three?

The next series of warriors after The Power of Three is Omen of the Stars. It follows the adventures of the Clans as they face new challenges and prophecies that test their unity and strength.

There might be a fifth warriors series called New Reign and the possible title for the first book is Chasing Stars It will center around Lionblaze and Hollyleafs kits?

Yes there is going to be fifth warriors series, although I'm not sure about Hollyleaf because she dies in warriors power of three sunrise. I've heard a rumor that it will be about how the clans decide they don't like living together so they disperse. If there is a fifth warriors series, then it will be the last one. ------------ Ok, this is someone else, but there will be a 5th series, which was confirmed in August 2010, about the clan's early days.