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No, you will not lose your rooms if you change the style of your Moshi Monsters house.

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Q: Will I lose my rooms if I change the style of my house on Moshi Monsters?
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Is it possible to get 100 rooms on Moshi Monsters?

No. The limit for the number of rooms you can have in your Moshi Monsters house is 5.

How do you get 3 houses on Moshi Monsters?

You can only have one house on Moshi Monsters. You may buy additional rooms for your house and you may change to a different kind of house.

How can you change your house on moshi monsters without being a member?

Without being a Moshi Member it's not possible to change the style of your house or purchase additional rooms.

How do you get more rooms if you are not a member on Moshi Monsters?

You can not get more rooms on Moshi Monsters unless you become a paid Moshi Monsters member.

How do you get more rooms on moshi monsters for free?

You can not get more rooms for free. You have to be a Moshi Member (paid) to get more rooms. Go to Oh La Lane and then to New Houses to use Rox to buy a total of five rooms for your Moshi Monsters house.

What is the best house to buy in moshi monsters?

The treehouse because it has the most rooms.

Who has the most rooms on Moshi Monsters?

The most rooms anyone can have is five, if they are a paid Moshi Member. With millions of members on Moshi Monsters, there are many who have five rooms.

How do you get all the rooms on moshi monsters?

you have to be a member and save up a lot and go to the house store

What are the Moshi Monsters workers names?

One worker for Moshi Monsters is mcflyiepants. Moshi Monsters staff members have a sign in their rooms that shows they are Moshi Monsters staff.

What is the maximum number of rooms you can have on moshi monsters?

5 rooms

Are you able to get a new room in moshi monsters if you have a castle?

Having a castle has nothing to do with how many rooms you can have on Moshi Monsters. Free Basic Members can only get one room on Moshi Monsters. Paid Moshi Members may have up to five rooms on Moshi Monsters.

How many rooms can you get on moshi monsters?


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