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Will JBL ever lose his belt?

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He'll probably lose it at Wrestlemania. John Cena lost his U.S. Title so he could win the title. jbl lost it at wrestlemania to john cena This doesent answer your question but wrestlers can hold two titles at once. So that guys statement about losing the U.S. title so he could win the wwe title was wrong. It was to make the wwe title feud a personal affair. It go's like this John Cena won at WW 21 then at New Years Revolution after the elimination chamber John won the match then edge cashed in his suit case then won the match edge did then at Royal Rumble John Cena won the belt back

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When will JBL return to WWE?

It is unlikely that he ever will.

Is Rey going to Wrestle Mania?

yes rey is going to wrestlmaina he is going for jbl belt

What is john cena's biggest acomplishiment?

winning the wwe championship belt at wrestlemania when he vs jbl

How did JBL get out of the cage when he fought Big Show?

Jbl was chokeslammed through the ring and crawled under the ring and referee brian hepnur saw and so he retained his title Yeah and thank goodness for that...JBL..JBL..JBL..JBL!!!

When was JBL created?

JBL was created in 1946.

What is best belt to lose weight the fastest?

Flex belt

Who is a part of jbl cabinet?

JBL no longer has a cabinet

How old is jbl?

Jbl is 46 yeard old!

Who is a better Jeff or jbl in a TLC?

JBL is much better

Will JBL ever bring out a 'best of' DVD?

There's a chance. He's done some great things over the years, but only JBL and the people who help make the DVDs, knows for sure. == ==

Was JBL world heavyweight championship yes or no?

No, JBL was WWE Champion.

Did JBL quit smack down?

JBL quit the WWE at Wrestlemania 25.

Is jbl better then mick foley?

Mick Foley could beat JBL

How old is WWE wrestler jbl?

Right now it is 2009.JBL is 42 right now. He was born November 29th, 1966. (JBL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

What kind of speakers are in a 2000 Solara?

JBL speakers The JBL speakers are included with an optional sound system and not all 2000 solara's have them If your vehicle has the JBL speakers it will have a small JBL emblem on the radio faceplate Also if you have the JBL speakers you cannot replace the stock faceplate with an aftermarket one without also replacing the speakers

How much money did Shawn micheals get paid from jbl?

Nothing! It was a storyline he never worked for JBL!

How did John Cena survive with jbl?

jbl didn't hit john cena it was just for show

Why did HBK back down when JBL took his Slammy?

it was part of the story line when HBK was supposedly working for JBL JBL was in control of HBK and anything dealing with him it was a story line

Who owns jbl audio?

JBL started with J.B.L. - James Bullough Lansing Now Harman International Industries owns JBL. - Dr. Sydney Harman Cheers, PretoriaZ,.

How loud are JBL loudspeakers?

Yes they are, they're also decent quality. There are other good quality speakers that are cheaper than JBL but JBL tends to have better quality. Hope it helps.

Does the 3400 ever jump timing and would that have a belt or achain?

sometimes and it has a belt

Was there ever a planet in the Asteroid belt?

No planet ever existed where the asteroid belt is. The mass is insufficient for a planet to have formed from all that debris.

Will the undertaker win the title on Cyber Sunday?

if jbl refs no if Austin refs jbl and mick come out and beat him up and if mick refs jbl comes out and insits there was a miss count and he won

What types of electronics does the company JBL manufacturer?

The electronics company JBL mainly manufactures audio equipment. Some of the audio equipment that JBL manufactures would include speakers for radios or headphones.

Did finlay lose to JBL at WrestleMania and did he rceive the greatest beating in WWE history?

Yes, Finlay did lose in the Belfast Brawl but he did not receive the biggest beating of all time. In fact, Finlay seemed to be more in control throughout the match.