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As a preventive measure, Japan should build sea wall for a height of 30 feet or more for their coastal cities and towns on the eastern coastal areas in order to stop and avoid Tsunami waves coming ashore and distroy all their homes, factories and infrastructures. I wonder how this idea did not occur to their smart minded people for so long. I do not expect the sea wall will stop all the waves of Tsunami but the force of the waves will be greatly reduced and the water will jump only if the height of the wave is only more than 30 feet ( height of sea wall). With oceanographers and structural engineers, the design of the sea wall may not be a problem. Offshore oil field stuctural piles may be taken as models to build the foundation for such sea walls and the depth about 150 feet to 200 feet piles can be inserted into the seashore for keeping the wall intact while a large Tsunami waves attack the wall. Initial cost of constructing the wall may be highly expensive but considering the long term benefits and the avoidance of natural calamity and the loss of lives and properties of the Tsunamis such happened recently in Japan northeastern coast would be cost effective. --

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Q: Will Japan build sea wall for the coastal towns and cities to protect from Tsunamis?
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