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no Lady Gaga is to awesome and Justin is so freakin stupid

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Is there going to be a duet with Justin Bieber and Angela Bieber?

I don't like Justin Bieber. He sounds like a girl

Who does Justin Bieber sing with in baby?

I'm sure that Justin Bieber has done his duet with Lucius.

Will Justin Bieber fo out with Rebecca Black?

NO!...................She asked to do a duet with him, but Justin didn't answer. Haha that's Justin for ya! I love you JUstin Drew Bieber

Has Lady Gaga recorded a duet with Elton John?

Yes, they performed a piano duet at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Are there any famous atheletes or stars that Lady Gaga looks up to?

I was watching a lady gaga interview and she said that she would like to duet with Bavid Bowie

Who is opening up for Justin Bieber concert in Regina Saskatchewan?

Sean Kingston is playing with Justing Bieber. I would assume he would be opening for Justin Bieber as well as a duet maybe.

Who would Justin Bieber want to perform a duet with?

aparantly Justin should do a duet a love song with Taylor swift he want to do a duet with Miley Cyrus he said so on his intoview he is big fans of Jo bros but dosent want to do a duet with them but there are rumors that he is going to do a duet with Selena Gomez

Who sang paparazzi besides Lady Gaga?

no one she wrote it. Her and Elton John did a duet mixing Your Song and Paparazzi

Who did a duet with Justin Bieber?

well he did a deut with a singer called jesica jerrel she was really good she kinda sounded like jordyn sparks!i love you Justin bieber please marry me i love you so much!

Who sung All you want for Christmas is you?

Mariah Carey and the new version was sung by a duet of Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber!

Are Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber doing a duet?

They already did. It's called Eenie Meenie and it's quite FABULOUS :)

Has Justin Bieber ever sung a song with Selena Gomez?

Yes! He and Selena sang a Disney duet 'one less lonley girl

What is the bests job?

i like to sing so a superstar but i also love basketball so a nba girl player or a superstar and do a duet with Justin bieber

What is Lady Gaga doing?

she is making some new music. You can get her great new single allerando. a great song. She has a great duet Telephone with superstar Beyonce Knowles.

How can you get a record deal with Justin Bieber?

first of all...you have to meet him. then he has to hear u sing. then he might sign u in and do a duet with him. that's my dream lol <33

Who are the people that Justin Bieber has done a duet with?

Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Drake, Chris Brown, Ludachris, and many many more tho <3

Is it true that Justin Bieber once dated Mariah Carey?

Yes it is true if you go to goggle and search it this is a fact thats why they where in Justin Bieber Duet with Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!) (Shazam Version) © 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group.

How do you get Justin Bieber to do a duet with you?

Tell him you're a really big fan, and sing a really catchy song and put it on your channel on YouTube. Once people start recognizing you soon Justin will, and you never know; you might be lucky! [:

What singer did Justin want to sing a duet with?

i have no idea what song your talking about but he did a duet recently with Jaydan Smith.

Will Justin Bieber do a duet will you?

Maybe. It would be really hard to do that though. You would have to know someone who knows Justin. It's hard to get to celebs. the only celeb I've met is david archuleta. it's like a once in a lifetime thing.

What are the release dates for Duet - 1987 Lady on a Grate 2-20?

Duet - 1987 Lady on a Grate 2-20 was released on: USA: 20 March 1988

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