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In my opinion yes. kane has been wwe champion and ecw champion but i think yes to the world championship.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-05 00:33:49
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Q: Will Kane ever win the world heavyweight championship?
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Is mvp ever won the world heavyweight championship?


Who is the youngest world heavyweight champion ever?

Brock Lesnar won the world heavyweight championship at the age of 24

Has Edge ever won a world heavyweight championship?

9 times

Has mark Henry ever won the world heavyweight championship?

Yes. Mark Henry won his first World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions on September 18th, 2011.

Who owns the original world heavyweight championship?

Who ever is the champion now owns it.

Is rey ever going to be world heavyweight championship?

hey already did at wrestlemania a couple of years ago

Who was the youngest prize fighter to ever win the heavy weight championship or the world?

Randy Orton was the youngest World Heavyweight Champion

Who was the first world heavyweight champion ever in WWE?

Chris Jericho beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to combine the wwf world heavyweight championship, european championship, and cruiserweight championships to create the current wwe world heavyweight champion. As of March 15 2012 Daniel Bryan holds this title

Will John Cena ever be World Heavyweight Champion?

Yes. Once He is a full 100% he will definitely go for the heavyweight championship that Edge stole from him at Backlash with the help of Big Show

Has john Morrison ever been world heavyweight champion?

No he has not. The highest level championship he has held in the WWE is the ECW Championship which was considered a major title at some point.

Will john cena ever get his world heavyweight championship belt from edge?

No, he won't because Edge is going to wrestle Big Show at Wrestlemania.

Will Matt hardy ever win the world heavyweight championship?

im not sure, he is on tna now and probably wont go back to wwe

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