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Will Kane re-mask in 2010?


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Kane hates taking off his mask,SO HE WILL REMASK!

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To bring back "the monster" if you read his wiki you'll learn more.

The Kane Chronicles was created in 2010.

No, Kane will not Re-mask in 2011 and probably never again. Kane said in a recent interview that the WWE is about expressing emotion with the face, and he also complained that the mask limited his ability to do some things. Vince McMahon and Glenn Jacobs (Kane) both said that the Kane character had gone as far as it could go under the mask and Vince felt the Kane character needed to change. So I don't think that Kane is going to remask anytime soon and infact he will properly never wear that mask again. (Thank God)

Kane - 2010 was released on: USA: 11 June 2010 (Hollyshorts Short Film Festival)

(2010) of course the undertaker is stronger than kane.

(2010) the undertaker is stronger than kane.

It was Kane cause the undertaker use his tombstone on Kane on summerslam 2010 You have that backwards, Kane tombstoned Taker

If Kane retires then he will probably not make a return. Although there have been no news of Kane retiring as of yet.AnswerIf Kane does end up retiring maybe he will just let his long hair grow back and his beard and maybe one day when he feels like coming back he will come back in his old attire and his mask with his long hair grown back and knock some sense into the wrestlers.

Are you talking about Masked Kane? No, he's not.

Masked Kane is not available for Smackdown! vs. Raw 2010.

As of 18,September 2010 it is Kane.

Smackdown! (as of 2010)

He signed with Smackdown.

Kane wins The undertakers father turns on him

The Kane Files Life of Trial - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA15+ USA:R

WWEAs of October 2010, he is in WWE.

As of october 2010,none.

Not in 2010No, at Night of Champions 2010, Undertaker lost.

yes at bragging rights 2010, the nexus helped Kane bury the undertaker into the ground.

Arika Kane - album - was created on 2010-02-23.

Here with Me - Arika Kane song - was created in 2010.

In September 2010 it was his brother Kane.

As of October 2010, 43.

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