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Since the marriage of Princess William and Kate Middleton, Prince and Princess William of Wales have been given a royal dukedom by The Queen and are to be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Catherine will be known formally as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Her other name, as the wife of Prince William of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, will be Princess William.

She was not born a princess so she is not (yet) Princess Catherine.

When the current Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) ascends the throne upon the death of The Queen and becomes King Charles III (or perhaps King George VII), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will become the Prince and Princess of Wales as well as Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Lord and Lady of the Isles... at this point Catherine will become HRH Princess Catherine of Wales.

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Q: Will Kate Middleton be called Princess Catherine of Wales?
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What will Catherine Middleton's full name be?

Princess Catherine Elizabeth of Wales

What name will Kate Middleton use after they are married?

Princess Catherine Wales

What will Kate Middleton's title be once married to Prince William?

princess catherine of wales, duchess of cambridge

Is Kate Middleton to be called princess?

No, right now she is to be called Duchess and if she was she would have been known as Princess William of Wales since she is not a Princess by birth

Where is Kate Middleton going to be the princess of?

Kate Middleton is going to be Princess of Wales when Prince Charles becomes King

What is Price William and Catherine Middleton's last name?


What will Kate Middleton's last name be when she marries Prince William?

She will be known as Catherine of Wales or Catherine of Windsor.

Was Catherine of Aragon a princess?

Catherine was born a Spanish Princess, daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Catherine of Aragon was Queen of England as the first wife of King Henry Vlll of England and Princess of Wales as the wife to Arthur, Prince of Wales.

When is Diana called Princess of Wales?

She was never called Princess Diana, her title was the Princess of Wales, which she acquired when she married Prince Charles who is the Prince of Wales.

What will Kate Middleton's royal title be after she marries Prince William?

Titles Given by Queen Elizabeth:Shortly before their wedding, Queen Elizabeth released the titles William and Kate will be known by. Kate's first title will be Duchess of Cambridge, her second title is Countess of Strathearn, and her third title is Baroness Carrickfergus.Previous answer: Her Royal Highness Princess William of WalesAfter her marriage to Prince William of Wales, Kate Middleton's title will be Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales. On the engagement announcement, Kate used her full name, Catherine. So she will likely be known as Princess Catherine of Wales.If Prince William receives a dukedom following the marriage, she will be known as Duchess in addition to Her Royal Highness.Kate Middleton will not be "Princess Catherine." Unless Prince William granted a peerage on marriage, she will be Princess William - just as the present Duchess of Gloucester was "Princess Richard" before the death of her father-in-law and the wife of Prince Michael of Kent is "Princess Michael." So she will be Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.Diana Princess of Wales was never "Princess Diana," no matter what the press called her. At the time of her marriage, she became HRH The Princess of Wales; after her divorce, she was Diana, Princess of Wales. The title "Princess" with a woman's given name is reserved for those who are so titled from birth - the daughters of the Sovereign or of a Prince.

Why is Diana called Princess of Wales?

Diana was called Princess of Wales because she was married to the heir to the throne of England

Who made Princess Catherines wedding dress?

The Duchess of Cambridge's dress was designed by Sarah Burton, the principal designer at the House of Alexander McQueen. Also, may I point out that Catherine's title is NOT Princess Catherine. She can be called either Princess William of Wales OR The Duchess of Cambridge.

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