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Q: Will Matt Smith come to harwich?
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Does Matt Smith smoke?

No, Matt Smith is not a smoker.

Is Matt Smith Scotish?

Matt Smith is English.

Who shot Matt Smith?

No one shot Matt Smith -- Matt Smith has never been shot.

Who is the next Dr Who Matt Smith Matt lucus Matt alwright?

Matt Smith is the new Doctor.

Where does Matt Smith live?

Matt Smith lives in Northampton

Is Matt Smith straight?

yes Matt smith is straight! :)

What is the population of Harwich?

Harwich's population is 15,500.

Who is in Matt Smiths mum who is Matt Smith mum?

Julian Smith?

Is Matt Smith dating?

Matt Smith is dating Daisy Lowe.

What is Matt Smith's MySpace address?

Matt Smith does not have a Myspace account.

How come everyone is saying Matt Smith quit doctor who?

They are saying it because Matt Smith has quit Doctor Who. He will be replaced by Peter Capaldi at the end of the 2013 Christmas Special.

When was Matt Smith born?

Matt Smith was born on October 28, 1982.

What doesn't Matt Smith like?

type in all about Matt smith and find out!

What street does Matt Smith live at?

what street dose Matt smith live

What is Matt Smith's birthday?

Matt Smith was born on October 28, 1982.

When was Matt 'Money' Smith born?

Matt 'Money' Smith was born in 1973.

Is Matt Smith left handed?

Yes , Matt Smith is left handed

Where is the Friends Of The Harwich Council On Aging in Harwich Massachusetts located?

The address of the Friends Of The Harwich Council On Aging is: 100 Oak Street, Harwich, MA 02645-2748

When was Harwich Redoubt created?

Harwich Redoubt was created in 1808.

When was The Harwich School created?

The Harwich School was created in 1958.

Where is the Harwich Port Library Assoc. in Harwich Port located?

The address of the Harwich Port Library Assoc. is: 49 Lower Bank St., Harwich Port, 02646 1119

Does Matt Smith have a younger brother?

No Matt Smith has only one sister called Laura Jayne Smith

When does Doctor Who come back?

Doctor who will come back at Christmas and new years. David Tennent changes to Matt smith.

Who is the 11th Doctor Who Matt Smith or the other guy?

The new doctor is Matt Smith.

Does actor Matt Smith have any children?

No, Matt Smith does not currently have any children.