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ofcourse NOT! Oprah is way richer than Miley Cyrus because oparh has being popular before Miley Cyrus.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:01:02
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Q: Will Miley Cyrus be richer than Oprah?
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Does Miley Cyrus make more than Oprah?

No she does not.

Is Daniel Radcliffe richer than Miley Cyrus?

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe is richer than Miley Cyrus. He took first place for teens (nineteen and under) having the most money, Miley Cyrus came second.

Is justin bieber richer than miley cyrus?

justin bieber is way richer

Is Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale richer?

Miley Cyrus is richer by a long shot. She's richer than some actors and actresses. She's a teen pop sensation, so what do you expect?

Who is more famous Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers?

Miley Cyrus is defiantly richer than the Jonas brothers i researched it for you.

Who is richer Miley Cyrus or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson was richer than Cyrus when he was alive. He had purchased the rights to the Beatles songs while he was alive as well. But now Miley is richer because Michael Jackson passed on.

Is Oprah richer than raven samon?

Oprah is richer then her

Is Jay-Z richer than Oprah?

oprah is richer

Is brenda song richer than Miley Cyrus?

Yes. Her grandparents are billionaires and she has earned millions of dollars. She gets paid more than Miley Cyrus in television.

Is Miley Cyrus richer than Taylor swift?

I would say Miley Cyrus has more money because of her family, but Taylor swift is just as popular.

Miley is richer or saif Ali?

Saif Ali is known for being a popular Indian actor. As of 2014, his net worth is $40 million. Miley Cyrus has a net worth of $150 million, which makes her richer.

Who is richer Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

Well Selena is Richer, because she is NICE, she is FAIR and she dosent only think about HERSELF. Everyone THINKS that Miley is richer but she isant, and even if she was it wouldn't matter because like I said, SELENA GOMEZ IS NICER THAN MILEY CYRUS!

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