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I think Konami released some of theirs but I love Nintendoi would support them all the way. but i think they may be soon going out of buisness so if there will be any games it would probably be at the end of their long interesting Video Games.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:03:07
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Q: Will Nintendo release some of their games for PC?
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How to play Nintendo switch games on PC?

You can't play Nintendo Switch games on a PC, you need a Nintendo Switch.That does not include games which started out on PC and were ported to Switch.

How can you play Nintendo DS games on PC?

You can't play nintendo DS games on a PC; you can however find a modular for your PC, which will allow you to download games on the web to play on the PC.

Can you play PC games on the wii?

No, you cannot play PC games on the Nintendo Wii. Only Nintendo Wii games can be played on the Wii console and PC games are only designed for use on a PC or laptop.

How can you play Wii games on your PC?

You can not play Nintendo Wii games on a PC

Can you play Nintendo games on a PC?


Can you play Nintendo Wii games on the PC?


How do you play Nintendo ds games on your PC?


How do you play HeartGold on the PC?

You can not Pokemon Heartgold is a Nintendo DS game and you can only play PC games on the PC

What are the other Nikmon games?

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When are they coming out with the map pack for the wii on black ops?

They are not going to release it for the Nintendo games. First Strike is only a PS3 Xbox 360 and later a PC release.

Where can one purchase Nintendo 64 games in New York City?

Some video game stores and even antique stores will carry a limited selection of Nintendo 64 games. However, it is not possible to emulate and play these games on a modern PC.

What does the term project 64 refer to?

Project 64 is a Nintendo 64 games emulator. It offers game support with little to no bugs for users. The emulator enables PC users to play Nintendo 64 games on their PC.

How can you run Nintendo games on a PC?

You can run older Nintendo games with emulators.I've never really had much luck with them personally.They all seem a little clunky.

What are the Nikmon games?

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Is there a Pokemon PC game?

No, all Pokemon games are released for Nintendo consoles only so there is no PC version of Pokemon.

Do different people invent different consoles?

Yes. PC console makers invent PC games. People like Xbox make certain consoles, and Nintendo has made the Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo DS and Super Nintendo.

Is project 64 and Nintendo 64 the same thing?

No, the Nintendo 64 is a console. Project 64 is an emulator that lets you play the games on PC.

Will Nintendo ever market Legend of Zelda for the PC?

No, because it would make Nintendo lose money because some people would buy the PC version.

Is there a yu gi oh game for ps3?

Nope. There are some games for the xbox360, Nintendo DS and PC though. Dunno why they don't make them for the ps3.

Can Nintendo games run on PC?

yes but you need to download a emulator and roms [games] off the internet download it from google

What game system was Call of Duty made for?

Call of Duty is a series of Video games and the latest release in November 2010 was Call of Duty Black Ops, which was released for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

What are the Spore games?

Spore (PC) Spore Galactic Adentures (PC) Spore Creature Creator (PC) Spore Creature Keeper (PC) Spore Creepy and Cute (PC) Darkspore (PC) Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena (Wii, Nintendo DS) Spore Creatures (Nintendo DS, IPhone) Spore Origins (IPhone)

How do you fasten the Nintendo games in PC?

Your PC's performance must be up to the mark only then you can enjoy gaming to the core. Nintendo games usually take a lot your PC must be upgraded to it's top level and only then u can enjoy the best... :).

Can I transfer my steam games to my PS4?

No. Steam games run on PC/mac and not on Sony PS4 (or nintendo or xbox) at all.

What deffrent games for a different system you can play for slim line ps2?

You can play PS2 games and some PlayStation titles. Consoles do not play PC games and the PlayStation will not play any of the Xbox or Nintendo consoles games. The PS2 does not Play PS3 games