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Will Pokemon LeafGreen work on Game Boy Advance?


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Pokemon LeafGreen was made for the Gameboy Advance, and so yes, it will work on that system. It will also work in a Nintendo DS that has the extra slot (3DS and later do not have the extra slot), where you can play from that slot or migrate past Pokemon to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

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Since LeafGreen is a GBA game, you would need to use a GameShark.

It's on island 2. You have to have friend along for it to work.

Yes, Pokemon Emerald works with your GameBoy advance.

yup, all gameboy colour games work on a gameboy advance

Yes. The Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP are both backwards-compatible with all Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, including Pokemon Crystal.

Do you use Visualboy Advance? Make sure this emulator is up-to-date.

Yes. All Gameboy/Gameboy Color games work on Gameboy Advance/(SP).

if you cant take out your Pokemon you've messed your game up if you have restart the game and try again

Start with the first starter Pokemon on leafgreen. If you are okay with deleting your data, then this will work. Have the first Pokemon and six others in the PC, and transfer your Pokemon onto your platinum game. Then once that is done, and you are all done catching the transferred Pokemon, then save the game. Eject the platinum game card. then when you are going onto the gameboy game, press "new game". Choose a different starter Pokemon, and do the same thing as the first, but have six Pokemon in bthe PC. When you are don't with that, do the same as before. Eventually you will have all three starters from leafgreen on your platinum!

Dive is not an HM in leafgreen you can't get it unless you trade a Pokemon that knows Dive from ruby or sapphire or emerald but it will not work in leafgreen unless your in battle.

no only Game Boy Advance (GBA) game and Nintendo DS games will work on the DS

No because of 2 reasons 1 because once you migrate-that's how you get Pokemon from gba to ds YOU HAVE TO SAVE FOR THE PROCESS TO WORK 2 beacuase you have to save after words HOPE I HELPED

No, it is a DS game therefore it may not be played on an SP.

Download visual boy advance, then Google game boy advance roms, and find the one for Pokemon emerald. search up VBA thts visual boy advance download then find a win.rar file for emerald and u must be able to have the program for this to work

Yes. All GameBoy and GameBoy Color work on a GameBoy Advance.

Try trading it to another game while it is holding the item "metal coat" i got this from a friend sorry if it doesn't work

The only way to use berries in FireRed and LeafGreen is to berry crush with another FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald using GAMEBOYS (DS wont work) and 2 wireless adapters

All Game Boy games (Original up to Advance) work in the GBA. GBA micro's do not work with them, and only work with GBA games.

no only the advance games will work

The emerald cartridge is for the game boy advance The psp uses cds It is not possible for emerald to work on a psp

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