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Will Sasuke ever return to Konoha?

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No he will not return as it states in the manga and he can't even if we want's being he's a s-rank criminal criminals that high are threats and cannot return.

This is correct. However the manga is different then the series. They follow the same story but different things happen within each one. Even the Video Games.

2010-08-08 20:41:39
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Which episode does Sasuke return to konoha?

Sasuke does not return to the leaf village

Does Sasuke ever return to konoha?

well.. if sasuke and naruto join to defeat madara uchiha then sasuke might think their old times and think that kakashi is right, nothing is gonna happpen if u revenge and its true, sasuke wants he's brother back so there for sasuke MIGHT return to konoha

When does Sasuke return to konoha?

Sasuke hasn't returned to the Leaf Village yet and my guess is he never will. If he does return it will most likely be because he wants to destroy all of Konoha^_^.

Does Sasuke ever return to the konoha?

sasuke wanted to go back to konoha, but he switched where he had wanted to go... which was the meeting place where all the kages were meeting, so we still dont know whether he will come back or not.

In what chapter does Sasuke return to konoha?

It hasn't happened yet

Will Sasuke Ever Go back to Konoha?

Perhaps to destroy it, other then that, no.

Does Sasuke ever come back to konoha after he went to orochimaru?

yes, but to destory it

Will Sasuke try to destroy konoha?

Actually Pain destroys Konoha but Sasuke does attack konoha.... he eventually fights Naruto and Kakashi and also sasuke loses his vision.

What episode does Sasuke return to Konoha?

Sasuke won't return to konoha In fact he wants to demolish the village pior to discovering that Itachi hid the truth of Danzou and the Anbu wanting him to annihilate the Uchiha clan. The Uchiha clan was planning a coup detat etc. (spoiler ^ ^")

Does Sasuke ever come back to konoha?

He will, but just to destroy it for what they made Itachi do, I wish he would come back and reunite with team Kakashi, but its a unlikly chance he will. Hes obessed with revenge, so i don't think he would ever come back to them. But Sasuke still cares for them, in the Shippuden, he has a couple of memories back from when he was in Konoha, he misses them. He wouldn't really return tho, but i hope he does.

Will Sakura ever be with Sasuke from Naruto?

Sakura is still in love with Sasuke and she wants him to come back to Konoha more than ever. Maybe in the future, when Sasuke is back to the village, he might be with her,but there is a war going on in the manga.

In Naruto when will Sasuke come back to Konoha?

he won't come back... but if he does it is to kill Naruto and destroy konoha sasuke has lost it

Does Naruto find sauske?

Eventually, Naruto does finally find Sasuke. However, he is unable to convince him to return to Konoha.

Will Sasuke attack konoha?


Did Sasuke go to Konoha to destroy it?


Does Sasuke ever return to the leaf village?

He may return to the leaf village, but, most likely he will not. By looking at the current status he is full of darkness so it is more than likely he won't be coming back. As previous answerer has probably already said Sasuke will not come back to the village in the way that you're implying. Sasuke will indeed return, dead or to destroy Konoha. To be honest there isn't much hope that he will ever be good again, so to speak.

Will Sasuke return to konoha?

Yes, as a villain. He wants to murder everyone in the village, particularly the elders. would he kill sakura?

Will Sasuke come to konoha?

No.After Sasuke kills Itachi Tobi (Aka: Madara) lets Sasuke join the akatsuki Sasuke,Jugo,Suigetsu,and Karin go on missions for the akatsuki. They capture the 8 tails and Sasuke goes to konoha but to destory it! But he is delayed because Tobi told him that he betrayed the akatsuki. So Sasuke Might Come To Konoha But To Destory It!

Will Ino leave Konoha to search for Sasuke?

no. naruto will probably kill sasuke or bring him back to konoha, i don't think she needs to look for him.

Will Naruto ever save Sasuke?

I don't think that sasuke will return to konoha after what had happened to Itachi...but i believe that he will at least be friend with naruto and sakura again now that Itachi is gone...after all Itachi was the reason he abandoned the village and his team...but that's only my opinion

Who does itachi likes?

He likes his brother sasuke since he protcted konoha and sasuke

What will Sasuke he do when he gets to konoha?

yes when they are adults

When does Sasuke attack konoha?

He hasn't yet.

Is naruto ever bringing Sasuke back?

Naruto doesn't bring Sasuke back, but Sasuke comes back of his own free will to destory Konoha.but thn leaves again because it allraedy destroyed

Why does Sasuke carry sakura back to konoha?

Sasuke Carry's Sakura back to Konoha because he cares for her to much. He doesn't leave her, but I'm not telling you more.