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Will Tohru Honda be with Yuki Sohma or Kyo Sohma in the show?


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In the end of the show, Tohru Honda doesn't end up with anybody. There are moments when it seems that she is romantically involved with Kyo Sohma (episode 25, True Form) or Yuki Sohma (episode 12, White Day) but there is no definite relationship.

In the manga, it is definite that Tohru Honda marries Kyo Sohma. The last chapter shows the two walking together as an elderly couple, as well as evidence of children and grandchildren. So if one wants to link the manga to the end of the anime, then there is your answer. However, there are many differences between the manga and the anime (such as the end not revealing Akito's gender or the curse breaking), so one could broadcast their own views on the relationships in the show.

No not in the show because the show sux, but the manga's good. Although I'd prefer her not steeling my Kyo, but the ending's to open anyway.