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Only if they test for it.

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Q: Will Viagra show up in a urine drug test given at a job?
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How long will Viagra show up in urine tests?

They don't test for Viagra because it's legal, use of it is widespread and it's no problem to get. Now understand, Viagra IS a recreational drug, but you don't take it to get high.

Will Viagra show up on urine drug test?

Viagra isn't an illegal substance so even if it were detectable in the urine it wouldn't be a problem. However sldenafil citrate is metabolized by the liver and only about 13% of the metabolites are excreted in the urine. The rest are excreted in the feces.

Will Viagra show on a drug test?

No. Viagra is not considered a substance of abuse. It is not tested for on any known drug screen.

If you were to get a drug test how long after taking Viagra would it be out your system?

Viagra wouldn't show up on a drug test its not a narcotic

When a urine drug screen given at doctors office does it show levels of the narcotics?


Does Vyvanse show in urine drug screen?

Yes, it does. Vyvanse will show up as an amphetamine on a urine drug screen.

Can one inhalation of weed show in a urine drug test?

yes it can because every drug can show in urine.

What does clonazepam show up as on a urine drug test?

Clonazepam will show up as a benzodiazepine on a urine drug test.

If urine is old will a drug test show it?

does old urine show up in tests

What does abilify show in urine drug screen?

what does ambilify show up as on a urine screen

Does Dilantin show up as a bar in urine test?

no most of the drug tests given only show 20 of the most drugs taken

Will benzonatate show up on urine drug screen?

If the urine panel is a 9 panel drug screen, benzonatate will not show up.

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