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Will WWE ever be more kid appropriate?


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No, probably not. The main audience for WWE is adult men. August 7, 2008 Actually you are wrong. We are in the process of making it more kid friendly


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He is not in the WWE anymore.

There are quite a bit of animes that aren't kid appropriate, but it really depends on "what's appropriate." Most anime will show if it is 13+ or 18+, and that's usually not "kid appropriate." Below, there are a few websites that will share some kid appropriate animes lists.

he has had wwe since i can remember i am a wrestling fanatic and have been watching ever since i was born he original it was wwf and then it got changed a couple years back to wwe which i didnt aprove of well kid i guess that's your answer.


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No, I don't think so. WWE is fully committed to being a full PG product which is kid and family friendly. Because of their PG initiative, many multi-million dollar advertisements and endorsements were received by the WWE. Though hardcore wrestling fans like the edgier storylines and bloodshed like in the Attitude Era, WWE wants to keep their product PG. So, I don't think WWE will be PG-13 ever again.

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there is not anymore blood in the wwe anymore well except rarely the wwe is going kid friendly and there is no blood on a daily basis i hate that the wwe went kid friendly but you do what you do to make money The Part That Kills Me Is WWE Still Is Not For Kids Honestly It Isnt Wrestling Is Still Considered Violent Whats Next WWE Is Gonna Take Away Big Wrestling Moves

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