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Will WWE volcity return?

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I don't think so

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Will rock return to wwe?

No he is a sell out. He will NEVER return to the WWE.

Will Maryse return to WWE?

It is unknown if Maryse will return to WWE or not.

How will return to WWE?

They just return

Will WWE Layla return to the WWE?

WWE Diva Layla is still under contract with WWE on their Smackdown brand. She will return to WWE as she is just inactive due to injury. :)

When is Jeff hardy returning to the WWE?

Yes ! Jeff Hardy will return to WWE . When the time is right . He will probably return to WWE on 12/12/12 as a return since he misses his WWE fans.

When Jeff hardy return to WWE?

jeff hardy return to wwe in royal rumbel 2012 and if he is not return jeff hardy never come back to wwe

Will the WWE crusierweight title return to WWE?


Will WWE sable return to WWE?

no sorry

Is the apa returning to WWE?

No. They will not return to wwe

Will Terri Runnels return to the WWE?

There are no reports of Terri Runnels planning to return to the WWE. Terri was released from the WWE in 2004.

Will BUBBA return to WWE?

Bubba Ray is currently with TNA and may not return to the WWE

When will the dudleys return to WWE?

Not sure when. They are currently with TNA Wrestling and may not return to the WWE

When wibobby leshley return to the WWE?

There is no mention about his return to the WWE what so ever. He is still in MMA

Will D'Lo Brown return to WWE?

he will not return to wwe becasue he is with TNA and i think he is a agent for TNA

When will Daniel Bryan return to the wwe?

Daniel Bryan hopes to return to the WWE in January 2015.

Will the sting return to WWE?

No. Sting will not come to the WWE

Will WWE Edge maybe return to WWE?

No, he has retired.

Why did bill gooldberg not return to the WWE?

No, I don't think so. Goldberg is not expected to return to the WWE because he did not part ways with the WWE in good terms. He wasn't happy with WWE and left unhappy. Most experts fee that Goldberg will never return to the WWE.

When will Torrie Wilson return to the WWE?

wwe torrie Wilson will never return .......... i am not so sure but she left the wwe and years we havent Sean her !

When will cm punk return to the wwe?

There are rumors that CM Punk will return to the WWE in the next month when Sting returns to the ring.It is rumored that CM Punk will return to the WWE when Sting returns.

Who is coming to TNA from WWE?

Sting to wwe Triple h return Jericho return Idk tna

Who would you not like to see return to WWE?

i hate rock and,they should not return to the wwe universe

Who will return to WWE and when?

Many have returned and many will return to the WWE. Lesnar, The Rock, A Train have returned at the moment.

Who will return to WWE in 2011?

I don't know if she was ever in WWE but Awesome Kong will return or debut in 2011

Will WWE edge return to WWE in 2011?

No, Edge will not return. His retire was legitimate, due to his physical problems