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Yes it will all same from 02 to 08

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Will a cylinder from a 2006 YZ125 fit a 2002 YZ125?

wouldn't try it if i were you. better spend an extra $100 and get the 02 cylinder

Will 02 tahoe seats fit in 98 tahoe?

Seats from a 02 Tahoe will not fit in a 98 Tahoe. The 98 Tahoe is smaller than the 02.

Will 02 tahoe seats fit in 98 tahoe-?

Seats for a 02 Tahoe will not fit in a 98 Tahoe. The reason they will not fit is because the 98 is to old.

Where is number 6 cylinder for 02 dodge 3.7l?

Last cylinder on passenger side.Last cylinder on passenger side.

What year headlights will fit a 2002 mercury cougar?

Both '01 and '02 headlights will fit the '02, headlights from '99 or '00 will not as they are longer and would not fit in the same space.

Where is cylinder no 1 in a 6-cylinder engine?

what side is cylinder 1 on a 2006 gmc envoy 02 senser senser 1

Will your 02 crown vic rims fit a 95 caprice?

no, they won't fit it

Will the fuel injectors from a 02 Ford Taurus fit a mercury sable?

Yes, they will fit.

Will a 1998 accord transmission fit a 2000 accord?

It will but you have to be sure, if its a v6 to get a v6 too, if its a 4 cylinder you have more options, you can go with a 98 to 02 transmission, If you have no luck finding one you can go with a Prelude transmisson. Here are some codes you can use in your research: F23 = 98-02 4 cylinder Accord H22/H23 = US and Japan Prelude F20B = European Accord SIR J30 = US 98-02 6 cylinder Accord All F and H series motors and transmissons are interchangable. Good luck.

Where is the 02 sensor down stream sensor on a 4-cylinder?

That would be the sensor in the exhaust after the catalytic converter ( downstream )

Will a 6 speed transmission fit in a 02 crown vic?

No, a 6 speed transmission will not fit in a 02 Crown Victoria. Of course, if you are mechanically inclined, you could make it fit but it would take a lot of modifications to the car.

Would a 02'-06' mini cooper s R53 hood fit a 02'-06' mini cooper R50?

No, it wouldn't fit

Will a 5.2 engine fit 02 4.7 transmission?

No, they do not interchange.

What are symptoms of timing belt slips on 2002 Chevrolet s10?

The 02 Chevy S10 with a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder does not have a timing belt.

What item is not part of the internal engine system crankshaft position sensor cylinder head timing chain or 02 sensor?

02 sensor

Can 22 inch rims fit a 2002 durango?

you can fit 22's no problem I have 24's on my 02

Will a 2002 grand prix transmission fit a 2003 impala?

Do a 02 grand am transmission fit in a 03 impala

Will a 02 4x4 blazer 4l60e fit 01 4x4 Tahoe?

NO it will not.

Will 16x9 wheels fit on your stock 02 Chevy 1500?

Most are 16x8 but an ATX AX195 CORNICE 16x9 will fit.

P0302 on a 02 Dodge Ram?

Cylinder # 2 misfire. See related questions below.

Will a 2002 Jeep Wrangler soft top fit on a 1994 Jeep Wrangler?

No it should not fit 94 is a YJ and the 02 is a TJ

Will a hood from a 1995 Camaro fit a 2001 Camaro?

No, only a 98-02 Camaro hood would fit an 01 Camaro

Will 03 kx250 plastics fit your 01 kx250?

NO it changes from 01 to 02

Will wheels that came of a 99 jeep fit a 02 maxima?

Not without modification

Will the brake drums off a 02 cavalier fit on 97 cavalier?


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