Will a 1972 scout 727 torque flight automatic transmission bolt up to a 1975 cj5 jeep with a 304 v8 without an adapter plate?

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2008-11-03 02:21:22

---No, the International and AMC have two completely different

bolt patterns. AMC's 304 was built by AMC and the IH 304 was built

by IH. Furthermore, the IH 727 was built to IH's specs, so more

than the extra steels and clutches, tighter tolerances and bolt

pattern will make it different. The throttle operates a linkage

that mounts to the transmission and operates a throttle lever on

the transmission, which in turn operates the valve body. In other

words, the Chrysler 727 is vacuum modulated and the IH 727 is

mechanical. You'll never get it to run right without the linkage

and I hope you took time to unbolt rather than cut parts out with a

torch. ---As for torque converters, I have no idea what

would/wouldn't work with AMC. AFAIK, the only Chrysler torque

converter that works on an IH 727, when bolting to an IH 304, is

the 10". It all depends on which engine the 72 Scout had. If the 72

Scout had a 258 6-cylinder engine, which was made by AMC, then the

transmission will have the same bolt pattern as the AMC 304. It was

a stock engine available in the Scouts.

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