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If they both have the 4g63 2.0l motor then yes

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Q: Will a 1992 eagle talon coil over fit a 1996 eagle talon?
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Spark comes and goes on eagle talon?

check ur coil pack or your power transistor

What would cause a 95 eagle talon to fire on 2 cylinders?

bad ignition coil, bad ignitor

Problem starting eagle talon after warm or just shut off?

Possible your ignition coil is going bad. Is it only when the car is warm?

1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD is cranking and turning over but no spark whats up?

Check the coil pack, if not that check plug wires.

What are symptons of a bad coil pack on a 1996 eagle vision?

Misfires, reduced power, poor fuel economy.

91 eagle talon wont start after battery died cranks but no spark from coil is there a computer reset?

Hi this has happend to me after i rebuilt my motor in my talon. I own a 96 eagle talon esi and what i found that was the problem is that the plugs were not sparking either at all or not hot enough. Try replacing your plugs with a double platinum plug. My talon started right up after i changed the plugs. I have not yet to find a reset for the computer. Usally if you disconnect the battery then connect it back it resets the computer.

How do you replace starter and coil on a 94 eagle talon 2.0 non Turbo?

your starter is on the top of transmission there are two bolts and i ground wire is bolted to one just take the two bolts out and it will wiggle out

92 Eagle Talon tsi started and ran after year or 2 of not starting we shut it off and then it never started again we have tested for spark with no spark. checked ignition coil and seemed fine.?

bad gas

What is the firing order for a 1993 eagle talon?

The firing order is 1-4-3-2 but it dosent really matter just make sure that 1-4 are on the same coil and the 2-3 are on the same coil because the dsms coil packs are waste spark so regardless two fire at the same time

93 eagle talon it starts runs fine then just stops and won't start back up what could be the problem?

coil, fuel filter, ignition switch, plugs, wires, oxygen sensor, maybe something else?

How do you install coil springs on a 1996 Camaro?

How do I install rear coil springs on a 1996 Camaro?

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