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If you are swapping the Vulcan OHV engine, it will work without issue. If you are attempting to swap the Duratec DOHC engine, it will bolt in, but the computer will not be capable of running the engine.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-05 04:40:46
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Q: Will a 1999 Ford Taurus engine swap into a 1996 Taurus?
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Can you put a 1999 Ford Taurus Sho Engine in a 2007 Ford Taurus?

Yes, a 1999 Ford Taurus Sho Engine will fit in a 2007 Ford Taurus.

What oil 1996 Ford Taurus sho?

According to the 1996 Ford Taurus Owner Guide : The 3.4 liter V8 engine in a 1996 Ford Taurus SHO takes : ( 6.5 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 engine oil with engine oil filter change )

Can a 1994 Ford Taurus engine fit into a 1996 Ford Taurus gl?

yes,why not...because it may have small difference in its external part...but not in engine

Can you use a 1996 Ford Taurus water pump on a 1999 Ford Taurus?

I don't see why not, as long as it fits, it should work.

How much horsepower does a 1996 Ford Taurus GL have?

A 1996 Ford Taurus GL , with the 3.0 litre " Vulcan " V6 engine , is rated at : ( 145 horsepower )

Did Ford Taurus ever have a v8 engine?

The Taurus SHO ( Super High Output ) model did 1996 / 1997 /1998 / 1999 a 3.4 liter ( 206 cubic inch ) DOHC - V8 engine

Where is the radiator reservoir located on 1999 Ford Taurus?

On a 1999 Ford Taurus : The engine coolant reservoir is between the engine and the passenger side of the vehicle . It has a thread on cap which is the pressure cap for the engine cooling system

Is the timing belt on a 1999 Ford Taurus 0 tolerance?

Only the 1999 Ford Taurus SHO has a timing belt. The engine is built by Yamaha and NO it is not an interference engine. Replace the belt at 100,000 miles. All other Ford Taurus's have timing chains.

Can a Ford Taurus 1992 windshield fit in to a mercury sable 1996?

No, a Generation 2 (1992-1995) Taurus/Sable Windshield will NOT fit a Generation 3 (1996-1999) Ford Taurus/Sable.

Are parts for a 1996 Ford Taurus interchangeable with a 1997 Ford Taurus?

The 1996-1998, and much of the 1999 model Taurus & Sables are virtual twins of each other - making the parts highly interchangeable.

Does a 1999 Ford Taurus come with a flex fuel system as standard practice?

I was looking at the 1999 Ford Taurus Owner Guide and it doesn't show a flex fuel version of the " Vulcan " 3.0 , V6 engine for the 1999 model Ford Taurus

Where is the water pump on a 1996 ford Taurus?

facing the passenger side of engine

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