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Yes. It actually should, the only problem is the motor mounts but i think if you did a little custom mount or something it would.

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Will Yamaha 660 grizzly and Yamaha rhino 660 motor interchange?

Well grizzly 660 motor work on a rhino

Which model Yamaha is the 2K9?

The 2K9 motor is either a 1978 IT250E or a 1978 IT400E depending on if it is a 250cc or 400cc.

Where is the spark plug on 2006 Yamaha grizzly 660?

on the motor lol

What is the horsepower rating of a 2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660?

placard on side of motor states 43 hp

How do you rebuild a Yamaha grizzly?

If you have to ask this question. It is in you best interest to take it to a shop. I am in noway doggin on you. Its not a simple process to rebuild a motor. Or to correctly build a reliable motor.

Oil leaks at the top of the motor in front of exhaust on a 250 bear tracker?

If oil is leaking at the top of the motor on a Yamaha 250 Bear tracker this could be caused by a head gasket or valve seal. To locate the exact source of the leak try removing the bolt near the top of the motor and use degreaser to clean the area. Once the area is clean run the Bear tracker to locate the leak.

Where are Yamaha snowmobiles made?

Yamaha snowmobiles are made by Yamaha Motor Company in Japan.

Where is the motor mount on a 2000 Chevy Tracker motor mount?

where its located the oil gage in a 2000 Chevy tracker mortor 2.0

Where is the blower motor in a Geo Tracker?


What does the 420 mean with the 2007 Honda Rancher ES 420?

It is a 420cc motor. Such as a Honda Fourtrax "400" is a 400cc.

Is Yamaha Motor Corp having a 2010 racing team?

No, Yamaha Motor Corp. will not be having a team for the 2010 supercross season.

Will a Yamaha 660 raptor motor fit a Yamaha 350 warrior?

Yes it will fit but you have to use motor mounts off the warrior

How do you adjust timing 50 hp Yamaha outboard motor?

how do you adjust timing on a 50 hp 1985 Yamaha outboard motor

Where is VIN on mercury outboard motor?

location of VIN # on a 1999 Tracker boat motor?

Your Yamaha outboard has identification plate with 15a 651 S13354 you need to know what year model your motor is?

Yes thanks and my motor is a yamaha yes

What type of motor oil is used for Yamaha motorcycles?

Yamalube motor oil

Does a kawasaki klf 400cc engine fit in a kawasaki klf 300?

it shouldn't but it can be done with some new motor mounts and crap.

Why is the blower motor too slow on the 2000 tracker?

Motor getting tired and needs replacing

What size ATV motor is a 1997 Yamaha kodiak 400?

400 cc Yamaha engine

What is the meaning of Yamaha?

山葉 Yamaha means "mountain leaf".Yamaha Motor Company was founded by Torakusu Yamaha (in Japanese 山葉 寅楠 Yamaha Torakusu);

Is Chevy Tracker made with Suzuki?

yes it has a suzuki motor

What will your gas mileage be like on a Geo Tracker with 31 tires?

on my 92 tracker with 1.6 motor i get about 20 to 21 to the gal.

Where is the dip stick on a Chevy tracker?

on my 03 tracker, its on top of the motor- right in the middle. goes straight up & down.

Who made Yamaha?

Yamaha was founded by Genichi Kawakami in 1955. Yamaha is a Japanese motor company best known for it's motorcycles and boats.

What type of motor oil is recommended for a Yamaha R6 motorcycle?

Yamalube motor oil

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