Will a 302 engine fit in a 1970 ranchero?

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2015-04-03 22:36:03

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A Ford 302 engine, yes. A Chevrolet 302 engine, no.

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2015-04-04 00:13:14
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Q: Will a 302 engine fit in a 1970 ranchero?
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Will a 302 1991 mustang engine fit into a 1973 mustang?

yes, the 5.0 (302) will fit in a 73' for sure.

What heads will fit on a 1986 ford bronco with a 302 engine in it?

pretty much any 302, or 351 heads will fit

Will a 1979 ford 302 intake fit on a 1993 302 ford motor?

The intake on the 1979 Ford 302 engine is different than the intake on the 1993 Ford 302 engine. The intakes are not interchangeable.

Will a Ford 302 engine fit a 6 cylinder transmission?

what year is the 302? (The bolting pattern varies) What transmission is it?

Can a 1990 engine fit a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis?

yes the 302 or 351 cubic inch v-8 will fit the 302 and 351 engines will not fit a 1994 because the engine in the 94 is a 4.6L and not compatible with the transmission bellhousing.

Will a 351 modified flywheel fit on a 302 engine?

nope the 351 modified is a big block and a 302 is a small block

What engine came standard in 1987 Ford F150 truck with 302 motor?

5000cc engine will fit .

A 350 Chevy camshaft on a 351w ford engine can be possible that fits and run?

No, the Chevy cam will not fit in a Ford engine.a 302 ford cam will fit in a 351,but the engine will need to be timed to 302 specs if this is used. Later on H.O. 302 engines had the same firing order as as the 351 Windsor.

Can you fit a 1996 302 transmission on a 1995 351 engine?

Yes as long as it is a 351 windsor.

Will a 429 fit in a 1970 mustang?

Yes a 429 would fit into a 1969-1970 ford mustang without no engine compartment mods

Will the heads off 1994 ho 302 fit 1996 ho 302?

Yes, if it's a 302 and not a 4.6 like in the newer mustangs the 302 and all aftermarket 302 heads should fit.

Will a flywheel off a 300 L6 fit on a 302 v8 ford?

it will physically fit but it is balanced wrong and the engine will vibrate and eventually destroy itself

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