Black Holes

Will a black hole destroy earth?


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Most likely, not. The sun's gravitational pull keeps the Earth in place. There are also only about four blackholes in the milky way.

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"The" black hole is wrong: there are many black holes, not just one. If you mean a specific black hole, please clarify which one.A black hole can destroy anything that gets close enough. The closest known black hole is at a distance of several thousand light-years; at that distance, it is harmless. It is unlikely that Earth will collide with a black hole as long as Earth exists (say, for the next few billion years).

On the other hand, there are several other things that could potentially destroy Earth. For example, a collision with another star is actually much more likely than with a black hole. Even more likely is the scenario that a star coming too close to the Solar System could catapult planets out of our Solar System. Without the energy from the Sun, we would be doomed.