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Q: Will a bridge or canal split two bodies of water?
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Which one is an example of how people might change a narrow piece of land that divides tow bodies of water a bridge a tunnle or a canal?

A canal. Such as the Panama canal for example.

How does water get into a man made canal?

By definition, a canal is used to connect two bodies of water. The water in the canal comes from those bodies of water.

Turkey is split in two by what 3 bodies of water?

Turkey is split in two by three bodies of water. These bodies of water are Bosporus, the sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles.

What 2 bodies of water connect panama canal?

I think you mean what two bodies of water are connected by the panama canal, that would be the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

What bodies of water do Suez Canal connect to?

red sea

What bodies of water were linked by the Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

What is a narrow flow of water that connects two bigger bodies of water?

A canal.

What is a narrow pasage of water that connects two larger bodies of water?


What does the Panama Canal separate?

The Panama Canal joins bodies of water, it does not separate them. The two bodies in question are The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Which is the canal in northern Delaware is named for the two bodies of water it connects?

it is the chesapeake and delaware canal (c&d canal)

what one is an example of a narrow piece of land divides two water a bridge a tunnel or a canal?

None of the above. An "Isthmus" (ISS-muss) is a strip of land separating two bodies of water.

What two bodies of water are linked by the Erie Canal?

The two bodies of water that were linked were Lake Erie and the Hudson River.

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