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Bowling ball

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Q: Will a car or a bowling ball hit the ground first?
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What is heavier than a bowling ball?

A car?

Which would hit the ground first a car or a soccer ball?

depending how far from the ground both objects are, the ball should hit the ground first. because it doesnt matter if the car weight more his size/shape make it less aerodynamic in comparison to the ball.

How does newton's first law apply to everyday life except driving in a car?

i would think that if you roll a bowling ball, it would represent the first law because it is is a constant motion until the bowling pins are a force that changes the motion.

Which has greater gravitational potential energy a car sittknv on top of a hill or a bowling ball sitting kn top of the same hill?

Gravitational potential energy is proportional to the object's height and its mass. So if the car has more mass than the bowling ball has, then it also has more gravitational potential energy.

What are sources of friction?

Driving a car down the street is a source of friction. Rolling a bowling ball down the lane is also an example of friction.

Does a ball dropped out the window of a moving car take longer to reach the ground that on dropped at the same height from a car at rest?

a ball will most likely hit first depending on its density. a car has a lot of open spaces and therefore, wind resistance. it's like putting aluminum foil in water. it'll float unless you ball it up. then it will sink

Can you wheel tilt inwards because of bad ball bearings?

Yes. If the wheel is off the ground a little movement is normal. If the car is on the ground, don't drive the car until it's fixed

Why is friction necessary?

so it can make it hard 2 move the objects ex: bowling ball we can not drive a car or change the direction, we can't walk on floor

Do you connect the ground cable first on a car with a positive ground system when installing a battery?

No, the ground cable gets always disconnected first and connected last, regardless of ground polarity.

You hit a bowling ball that was obviously left there for someone to hit - should you have to pay for the damages to your car or should the county where you hit the bowling ball?

If you were operating with due care and caution and paying full time and attention to your driving you would have/should have been able to avoid it. You, or your insurance company is going to have to pay for the repairs.

How to describe the motion of a ball dropped from a moving car?

The ball would continue moving in the same direction and roughly the same speed as the car before hitting the ground (ignoring air resistance). Think of what happens when a car stops short and you go flying forward into the seat in front of you. That's what's happening to the ball; it's momentum keeps it from falling straight down. Just add gravity to pull the ball towards the ground.

When removing the battery leads from the terminals of a car what lead do you remove first?

Remove the ground or negative cable first when disconnecting your car battery.

When did Alfred Pandori invent the solar car?

my ball sack.. . he didnt buil it I BUILT THE FIRST SOLAR CAR

What are three examples of inertia?

1. Hitting your face against the windshield when your car suddenly stops. 2. A ball not moving on a leveled ground until someone hits it. 3. A ball not stopping on a leveled ground until someone stops it.

Which of the following has kinetic energy a a rock poised for a fall b an archer's bow that is drawn back c a rolling bowling ball d a car waiting at a red light?

A Zebra

Which cable do you connect first when jump starting a car?

Ground on the boosting car allways last. But the rest really does not matter.

How many inches does a car have to be from the ground?

How many inches of the ground can my car be if dropped

What is in bowling ball cleaners?

Don't store your ball in extremely hot or cold places. Leaving balls in the car or trunk during hot summer hours can lead to cracking and core separations. Sulfonic Acid, AES, NPE, Ethanol absolute ETC.

What is car ground clearance?

hoe far you have from ground to bottom of chassis (bottom of car)

What is a vivid verb for drove?

I have never heard of a vivid verb. My grammar book does not mention vivid verbs. Perhaps you mean synonym. She drove into town - She raced into town. She drove into the car in front. - She crashed into the car in front. They drove the pegs into the ground. - They hammered the pegs into the ground. He drove the ball down the pirtch. - He wacked the ball down the pitch.

What devices depend on gravity to work?

Satelite, weight scale, and shower Car, running shoes, bowling ball. Lawn mower, chair, frying pan. Table cloth, playground swing, watering can.

What is an extreme sport that starts with the letter t?

Tennis, Tether ball,Touring Car Racing, Truck Racing, Tee Ball, Ten-Pin Bowling, Track Cycling, Taekwondo, Taido, Three-Ball, Ten-Ball, Tap Dance, Tricking(Gymnastics), Tchoukball, Triathlon, and Table Tennis, Touch. That's about as many as I can name, I apologize if I missed any.

What is past tense of grinding your car against a pillar?

Ground, as in the car was ground against a pillar.

If a car and a bowling ball were thrown off a 100 foot cliff at the same time which would hit the ground first?

All things fall at the same acceleration so they would accelerate at the same rate. From 100ft they would hit at roughly the same time, possibly the he ball would hit a little sooner. The weight difference would have no effect. Any difference is due to air resistance. The car has more and will therefore fall fractionally slower. If they fell in a vacuum they would hit at exactly the same time (no air resistance). If they fell from a much higher height (not in a vacuum) the ball would hit first as it has a lower cross sectional area so would have less air resistance and therefore a higher terminal velocity.

What is an example of rolling friction?

Wheels, ball bearings, the Egyptians building the pyramids using tree trunks to move the stones. An example of rolling friction would be like a skateboard rolling on a sidewalk. car running up a hill. someone pushing a wheel barol A bowling ball