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Possibly, yes.

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Dogs are generally larger and don't clean themselves as much or as often with their tongues, so the flea and tick remedies used on them can be stronger and more toxic. Since cats do clean themselves mostly with their tongues, they can ingest, and be poisoned by, products intended for dogs.

Flea and tick products, including shampoos, are different for cats and dogs and must be used according to provided directions. Even when using the appropriate product, if you use it too much or too often, you can poison your pet.

Some vets believe that the rise in cancer deaths in pets is due to flea and tick products, so if you can get by without using them, it's for the best.

flea collars should also be avoided if possible. They are toxic to humans, as well as the pets that wear them. Additionally, they are not very effective.

For 15 years, I had a beautiful Persian cat who died from licking the flea medicine off of himself :(a spray-on product) That's why the newer flea treatments direct you to apply it to the back of your pets neck where they cannot lick the poison directly.

Check with a vet before applying any medications. Cats should be dosed (even the one where it goes into the skin and is not orally taken) by weight.

Rule of thumb: You shouldn't medicate yourself or your child. Why do it to your pet.

Cat's are generally smaller than dogs. It's not safe to use just any flea and tick medication on a cat. It should be specifically for cats, and recommended by a vet for your cat.

cat's skins are much more prone to allergic reactions. It could even die. Using over the counter medications for your cat may save you some money, but could cost your cat's life.

Your cat may also die from using an over the counter dog flea shampoo.

Advantage® can be used under the supervision of a Veterinarian, who will recommend very small doses. We have many cats, and its cheaper to buy Advantage in the "large dog" package than the smaller cat doses. Our vet told us how much to use for the cats, and we apply it topically, using a syringe, for convenience and control, not for injection. We fill the syringe from the dog-dose plastic container.

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There are some flea and Tick products out there that use a chemical that could be harmful for cats I believe K9 Advantex® is one of them. Frontline® has a flea and tick product for cats that I would recommend. But I would never use a product that doesn't say it is safe for cats.

I used Vectra 3D® on my dog and put less than a drop on my cat. In two days, he had developed a bald spot. I ended up taking a very expensive trip to the vet. They bathed him with Dawn Dish Soap, apparently the only thing that will get the cement like medicine off the skin. Several shots were given during this visit, as well.

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Q: Will a cat get sick or die if you gave it flea and tick medicine meant for your dog?
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