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Will a child of shia father and sunni mother be illegal?

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No. its legal

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What are some differences between divorces in Sunni and Shiite Islam?

In Sunni Islam, marriages can be irregular or they can be void. In Shia Islam, marriages cannot be "irregular" and can therefore either be valid or invalid. Guardians in Shia Islam are only the father and grandfather, but in Sunni Islam, it is the mother, brother, father, etc. In Sunni Islam, marriages cannot have restricted lengths, but in Shia Islam, there is such thing as a temporary marriage.

Who was Sunni Ali's father?

Madogo, the tenth si of Gao, was the father of Sunni Ali, the founder of the Songhay Empire in West Africa.

Is Zayn Malik shia or sunni Muslim?

Offcourse not he is a sunni like 90% of mainstream Muslims and his father is from Pakistan, almost all pakistani people are Sunni. Sunni people are generally very goodlooking so he is surely no doubt a Sunni,

Was Obama's father a Sunni or Shia Muslim?

He was a Shia Muslim.

What is the legal status of life insurance in Islam?

It is illegal under sunni Islamic law (Hanafi).

Who lead the succseful rebellion against Sunni Baru and transformed songhai into Islamic empire?

Askia Mohammed, one of Sunni Ali, Baru's father' generals.

Are Sunni Muslims the same as Sunni Arabs?

Sunni Muslims could be Sunni Arabs or Sunnis non Arabs; as the Sunni Indonesians or the Sunni Malaysians or Sunni Indians, ...etc. So, all Sunni Arabs are Sunni Muslims but not all Sunni Muslims are Sunni Arabs.

Who is the father of sunni ali?

If you mean Ali the causin and the companie of the prophet Muhammed, than his father is Abu Talib the uncle of the prophet Muhammed.

When do sunni Muslims start to pray?

When a child turns 7 , praying (namaz) becomes an obligation.

What do you get when a Turk and a Kurd marry?

You get a marriage between a Turk and a Kurd. Since most Kurds and most Turks are Sunni Muslim, this does not raise any religious issues in the marriage. If you are referring to the offspring of such a marriage, the child usually identifies with the ethnicity of their father in Turkey or Iraq. So a Turkish father and a Kurdish mother would yield a Turk and a Kurdish father and a Turkish mother would yield a Kurd. In Iran, Turks do not usually self-identify since they are an extremely small minority, so Turks who marry into Kurdish or Azeri families usually take on that identity for themselves and their children. In Western Society, well, the kid can go "halfsies".

Shahid afridi shia or sunni?

shahid Khan Afridi is sunni. Sunni

Is it licit in Islam for a Shia Muslim woman to give birth to a child with sperms of another man through medical resources and not through sex if her husband is incapable of inducing her pregnancy?

No, It is strictly sinful and forbidden for a Muslim woman, Shia or Sunni, to give birth to a child with sperms not belonging to her husband even if the sperms are obtained through medical resources and not through intercourse sex with a foreign man (not her husband). One of the reasons is to whom the child will be legally and licitly relevant to his real father (the sperm owner) or to the mother licit husband.

Is ozil sunni or shea?


Is shahid afridi a sunni?

He is a Sunni.

Is ozil Shia or sunni?

he is sunni

Is Gadafi a Sunni or Shiite?

he was Sunni.

Was ajit khan sunni?


What is more sunni or shia?

Sunni. about 90%

Was sadam huusein shiite or sunni?


Is Pakistan shi'ite or sunni?

The majority is Sunni.

Is shoaib malik shia or sunni?


Is ali zafar shia or sunni?


Was the Ottoman Empire sunni or shiite?


Is Salman Khan sunni or shia?


Is nida yasir shea or sunni?


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