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In California a disability will not effect your insurance quote but if you are in southern state like Florida a disability will effect you insurance quote.

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2014-07-28 00:00:21
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Q: Will a disability affect my insurance quote Where can I get valid insurance for a disabled California driver?
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Does being disabled affect becoming a teacher?

Being disabled may affect becoming a teacher if the disability limits the student's ability to learn or to complete his or her education. A disability like blindness or limited mobility might not affect the student at all.

How does a disability affect life?

That depends heavily on the specific disabilty and the circumstances of the disabled person.

Disabled person becomes foster care parent?

Can a disabled person care for a person in foster care, and how would it affect their disability income? I also get Long term disability through my former employer.

What happens to your health insurance once short term disability runs out?

Health insurance and disability insurance (short or long-term) do not affect eachother. While health insurance pays for medical expenses reimbursement, disability insurance pays to replace your income lost due to healthconditions.

Will moving to another state affect your disability benefits?

Your individual disability insurance policy is portable and benefits will not be affected by moving to a different state. If you have disability insurance through your employer, and move in a new state while working for the same employer, benefits will not be changed. However, if you leave your employer, you may lose the disability insurance benefits through a group DI policy. If you are currently disabled and are receiving disability benefits from the state, you will have to check with the new state regulations on social security DI; If you are receiving benefits through a personal/ individual insurance policy from an insurance company, then benefits are not going to be affected by the state of residence.

Can the spouse of a 100 percent disabled veteran who gets compensation work?

Yes, the veteran's disability does not affect the spouse's employment

Will a speeding ticket in California affect your insurance rates in Connecticut?

All driving infractions affect your insurance. Drive safely!

Can you collect disability insurance for an ulcer?

This depends on the type of Disability insurance you have and also how bad the ulcer is. Normally, individual and group Disability insurance requires that you be unable to perform the material duties of your current occupation, in order to qualify and receive any benefits. If the ulcer is preventing you from working in your job, then there is a chance you may qualify for benefits. If it does not affect your ability to work, then you should not expect to receive benefits. If you are counting on Social Security Disability, you should not expect to be paid disability benefits. Social Security is significantly more difficult to qualify for. You must essentially be unable to do any form of work, in order to be considered disabled and eligible for benefits.

How does disability affect participation in sports?

Having disability can affect participation in sports because you won't be able to move or do much compared to people who are not on disability. But now, there are sports for disability people too, such as wheelchair Basketball. People have decided to create a safe, fun sport for the disabled so that they can have some exercise in their life. This was created so that the disabled will be able to keep in shape and to not just sit and not make the fun out of everything. And to also keep them motivated and them for not to be depressed for being a disabled person. Make the fun out of everything and enjoy life!

How - Does physical disability affect work?

Yes, it does because being physically disabled will affect how one functions and depending on how severe their disability is, they will have an inability to write, their working speed will be reduced and they could also not manipulate resources in their workplace, such as typing, or even flipping a page.

Does pot smoking affect disability insurance?

Yes. Just answer the question honestly, there's probably a separate form to fill out and then the Insurance Company will make a decision.

Does not going to traffic school affect your insurance rates in California?

fu ck no

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