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Will a drug arrest from 20 years ago affect getting a liquor license in Illinois?


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The real question should be: Were you convicted? Being arrested is one thing, going to court and being tried and convicted is something else. If you were convicted and have not been granted a Pardon, you will most likely be denied that licence, as a felon. Apply for a pardon, as soon as you can. Pardon may not have been the right word. In Illinios, if you are convicted of a felony, you will not be allowed to get a liquor license, period. Even if you go through the long, teadious task of trying to be "granted you rights" (ie. right to vote, right to bear arms), you will not be granted a liquor license. Take care.


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Yes, legally you can. The trick may be in applying for the license without getting caught.

If you have a warrant for your arrest, you can try to renew your driver's license but you will be turning yourself in for the warrant. All warrants must be cleared or they will be flagged by the driver's license system which is attached to your social security number.

It is not a crime to not have a driver's license. but if the police see you operating a motor vehicle and know that you have no license, then they can arrest you.

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I believe that a bench warrant will only bar you from having a valid driver's license. I don't believe that it will affect your state ID. I know for a fact you can get a Colorado state driver's license with a bench warrant out in Florida. HOW ABOUT TEXAS

Yes and an arrest warrant may be issued.

If there's been a warrant drafted for your arrest, yes.

Consequences for driving under the influence vary. Depending on age, or the blood alcohol level. mostly 7-month suspension of the license, court fees, fines, and a few classes that you need to take for a DUI.Answer:Besides the penalties awarded by the court there are some complication or after affect of DUI arrest. It can be:You may have to go to jail for some.You may lose your job after DUI arrest.Your driving license can be revoked from you.DUI arrest can harm your insurance policy.Your vehicle can be confiscated.There are some more other problem that you have to face for a DUI arrest.

You could go to city hall and get a business license with a warrant for your arrest. In most cases, the city hall would not due a warrant search before issuing a business license. This does not mean that the warrant could not be discovered.

If you fail to show for a court appearance as summoned, a warrant for your arrest will be issued and you will be subject to arrest and incarceration.warrant and arrest and license revocation and judgement and no registration renewal......

I suspect they would be happy to renew your license. You would probably step away from the counter with a new license and a shine set of handcuffs.

Your license is usually suspended and a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

They will usually suspend your license and issue a warrant for your arrest.

It's an instruction to law enforcement to arrest you.

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Yes. If you have a warrant for your arrest you cannot get a new id in any state or country (Improved) I had a multiple warrants out for me in Utah and I got an Arizona state ID just fine. Drivers license on the other hand, is suspended immediately when you have a warrant out, and you can't get it in another state

Yes, and an arrest warrant may be issued.

a warrent for your arrest is issued. your cant renew your license

Normally they will suspend your license and issue a warrant for your arrest.

No. When the state detects that there is a warrant for your arrest, you will be arrested.

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