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Will a flytrap eat a wasp?

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sadly i have tried this and no it does not eat the wasp.

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Can a human eat a Venus Flytrap?

No, we can't eat a Venus Flytrap.

Can a Venus Flytrap eat a man?

A Venus Flytrap cannot eat a man.

Can the Venus Flytrap eat people?

No, the Venus Flytrap cannot eat people.

Can a fish eat a wasp?

Yes. It can only eat the wasp, if the wasp is on the surface of the water or it drowned in the water.

Does a Venus Flytrap eat bees?

A Venus Flytrap will eat any insect which falls into it's trap.

Could a Venus Flytrap eat a whole cheeseburger?

No, a Venus Flytrap couldn't eat a whole cheeseburger.

Do flytrap eat people?

no it dose not eat people

What eats the Venus Flytrap?

Birds and possibly small rodents eat the Venus Flytrap.

Can a Venus Flytrap eat fruit?


Why is a Venus Flytrap a consumer?

A Venus Flytrap is considered both a consumer and a producer. The Venus Flytrap is considered a consumer because it does eat meat.

When do wasp eat?

Wasps eat when they are hungary.

What eat wasps?

dragonflies eat wasp

What wasp eat?


Does a Venus Flytrap eat spiders?

Yes, they can do.

Can a Venus Flytrap eat a hamburger?


Can a Venus Flytrap eat mosquitoes?

Yes, it can.

Can a Venus Flytrap eat a frog?

Yes, they can.

Do wasps eat paper?

it is rubbish to hear that wasp will eat papers . these small insects cannot eat , if extremely if it eats it will not be digested. so wasp will not eat papers

Do wasp make honey you can eat?

Technically one can eat most anything, but generally humans do NOT consume wasp honey.

Can a Venus Flytrap eat a salamander?

It is possible that a Venus flytrap could eat a salamander, although it isnâ??t that likely. They are more likely to eat unsuspecting insects that fall onto them.

Is the Venus Flytrap a good plant?

Yes, the Venus Flytrap it is a good plant as it can eat all of the bad bugs trying to eat your plants in and around your house.

How much does a flytrap eat per day?

a nrmal flytrap eats around 10-18 ounces of food

Can a regular lizard eat a wasp?

no , because the wasp could potentially harm the animal

What does a sea wasp eat?


How much do wasp eat?


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