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Of course not!

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โˆ™ 2008-09-21 14:23:35
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Q: Will a girl get pregnant if she kisses a guy's penis?
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Can a girl get pregnant if she touches the guys penis with her hands?

In order for a female to become pregnant, there must be either pre-ejaculatory fluids or ejaculatory fluids that come in contact with her vagina.

Where is the girl Virgina in a girl body?

Where a guys penis is.

Why do girls like guys with a long penis?

The thought that girls like guys with a long penis is generally wrong. To most girls, penis size makes little to no difference. As a guy you can imagine your penis size to be about as important to a girl, as the girl's breast size is to you. Do you actually care whether a girl has a big chest or not? Most guys don't. So why should girls care whether you have a big penis or not?

Does a kiss on the cheek mean anything?

It a guys kisses a girl on the cheek that means he wants you to kiss him back. If a girl kisses you on the cheek that means that she likes you but your to good of friends

What is a blow?

it is when a girl sucks and licks a guys penis.

If penis was put in the girls ass for two minutes and that also not the complete penis and the guy had just got naked therefore there was no cum Would that make a girl pregnant?

You are a dip sh*t. You can't get pregnant if you do it in the ass. That's why alot of guys like doing it that way, because their girl won't get pregnant and they can cum (and because they like it tighter). If you're that dumb you really shouldn't be having sex

Do guys like it when a girl touches their dick?

Well most guys are into that thing, so yes, guys like it when a girl(or guy if gay) touch their penis.

When a guy kisses you on your private can you get pregnant?

No you cannot get pregnant if a guy kisses you on your privates, sperm has to be the factor and guys do not have sperm on their lips on in their mouth, their own privates have sperm so tell the guy to keep his privates well away from your privates.

Did Justin bieber get Selena Gomez pregnent?

No hes gay and has a girls thing. He cant get a girl pregnant because he dont got a guys thing!!!HAT AND HES GOT NO PENIS!!!

Can a girl get pregnant swallowing guys cumm?


Is life harder for a girl or a boy when pregnant?

when pregnant it is harder for a girl because they carry the baby for 9 month

Is it normal for a girl to grab a guys penis?

yes very normal

Why a girl reject the intercourse?

It can be because she just doesn't want to or because the guys penis is to small for the girl

Does it hurt if a girl with braces sucks your penis?

If a girl with braces sucks your penis properly there will not be a problem. Basically she should only be using her lips, tongue and throat. Some guys do like having their penis raked by the girl's teeth, but it still should not be a problem.

If a girl sits on a guys laps with her cloths on can she get pregnant?


Can a girl get pregnant if its the guys first time?

Yes she can if no protection is used and even if its the guys first time she may still come out pregnant

What is a blowob?

you mean blowJob? thats when a girl sucks on and plays with a guys penis

Is it okay for a girl to initiate the first kiss?

Yes... Sometimes guys are to shy.. It can be a rare occasion or not but still, usually guys like it when a girl is aggressive and just kisses them , they like those kind of surprises ^^

Can a guy turn into a girl?

a plastic surgeon can take a guys penis and turn it inside out and put it into his body to make it kinda like a vagina and give the guy hormones in pills to change the guys voice, and give him fake breasts, but hell never be able to get pregnant.

Why do guys have a penis and why not girls?

The penis is the male sex organ. you use it to get a women pregnant. It is also used for secreting discarded bodily fluids.

What is a condome?

a condom is almost like a balloon that guys put on their penis so you are prevented from getting pregnant

Why do guys want kisses from girls?

It feels very nice and it is a way to be closer to a girl both physically and emotionally.

When a guys balls drop does that mean he can get a girl pregnant?


Can you get pregnant if you touch a guys penis over his jeans and then went to the bathroom like is it possible to get sperm on your hands from that?

Absolutely not.

Does a girl get pregnant in her first sex?

Don't believe what guys tell you. Yes, you can get pregnant the first time.