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I don't think so. I regularly keep green papaya in my fridge and it has always stayed green. You can eat it that way. It makes a great salad if you shred it and add other veggies like diced tomatoes and shredded carrots. Yum! The traditional dressing is with fish sauce, but you could substitute soy sauce.

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Why does the fruit place in the cabinet ripen faster than placed in the refrigerator?

The temperature in the cabinet is higher than in refrigerator and fruit tend to ripen faster in hotter temperatures. Those fruits which are placed in refrigerator are at temperature lower than the room temperature and do not ripen that fast

Do bananas ripen quicker on counter or in refrigerator?

Counter They ripen slower than normal in a refrigerator.

Why do fruits placed inside a cabinet ripen faster than if placed inside a refrigerator?

All fruit produce ethylene gas as they ripen. Ethylene also makes fruit ripen in return. A fridge cools and contracts ethylene, while a cabinet does not (Boyles Law).

Why do tomatoes ripen slower in the refrigerator?

they need sunlight to ripen

Will tomatoes ripen in the refrigerator?

Tomatoes need sunlight to ripen. The development will be inhibited in the fridge

Which will ripen a banana faster a plastic bag or the refrigerator?

Having the banana in a plastic bag at room temperature will ripen it sooner than placing it in the refrigerator.

How do you ripen fruit faster?

To ripen fruit, you should place it in a brown paper bag and NOT the refrigerator as previously answered

How do you get green bananas to ripen?

Place the green bananas in a paper bag with an apple and close the bag. They will ripen overnight.

Why does a banana go brown faster in the refrigerator?

The skin goes brown faster in the refrigerator, while the fruit does not ripen further.

Are oranges green and ripen?

no, they are orange

How can you ripen a green orange?

Oranges generally won't ripen once removed from the tree.

Why did the green bananas placed in the plastic bag ripen more slowly than the other bananas?

the bags are semipermeable and allow the release of ethylene gas, which is know to cause surrounding fruit the ripen faster. One bad apple...

When is papaya season?

Papayas are in their peak season from June until September, though they are available in supermarkets year round. They are usually harvested while still green, and will then ripen within one to two weeks.

What makes bananas ripen faster on the counter then in the refrigerator?

No, it ripens faster in the refriderater.

Can you pick green passionfruit and wait for them to ripen?


Why do tomatoes go from green to red?

Because the tomatoes are first green when they are not ripen and not ready to eat. They turn red which means its ripen and ready to eat.

How do you quick ripen avocado?

Store it in a brown paper bag in a dark place (not the refrigerator).

Why are'nt bananas green?

Bannanas are green until they ripen, and then they turn yellow.

Why does tomatoes ripen bananas?

I think you mean an apple will ripen bananas or green tomatoes. The apples as they ripen give off gas that aids and speeds up the ripening of other fruits, like placed in a brown bag with bananas or tomatoes and other fruits. Apples stored in the frige crisper drawer will make other fruits ripen quickly, thus go bad before you use them too.

Can banana fumes damage other fruit if placed in same bag?

Other fruits will not be damaged if placed in a bag with a banana. However, other fruits will ripen faster when placed in a paper bag with a banana. Some may ripen so fast that they spoil.

Why does a green banana and an apple ripens faster?

As written, the question makes no sense. What is it you want to know? Does a green banana ripen faster than an apple? Why do green bananas ripen faster than apples?

If the banana is green what do you do?

well, if you LIKE green bananas: eat it. if you DON'T: wait for it to ripen

Do bananas turn brown faster in the refrigerator or on the counter?

Dole says that they brown faster in the refrigerator but they stay solid and fresh on the inside. Some people ripen their bananas outside the frig. and then place them in the refrigerator.

Placing a green tomato into a paper bag helps it to do what?


How do you ripen green strawberry?

if it is still green and has been cut / removed from the plant then it will not ripen the same as it would have if it had ripened on the vine. Strawberries aren't like tomatoes they will not taste good if picked green. Must be red before picking.