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Yes, they are both possible.

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Q: Will a indian guy will get a citizenship if he marry with a uk girl . and is it possible to get a visa for a visit from uk citizen to a inidian?
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How do you Become an Indian Citizen?

Indian citizenship is endowed on an indvidual who is either born here or has been living in Indian for a minimum period of five years. In addition to that, you can not be an Indian citizen and hold the citizenship of another country.

Can the Pakistani wife of an Indian citizen get Indian citizenship and passport?

no yo can't

Can a US citizen apply for citizenship of India if her husband is a US citizen and he does not want to become an Indian citizen?

She can, but she will have to give up her US citizenship, not a good idea.

The act of Indian citizenship was passed in?

The Indian Citizenship Act was passed in 1955. It defines who is considered a citizen of India and outlines the ways in which citizenship can be acquired or lost.

Can Indian citizen merry with Indonesia indefinitely at UK?

An Indian citizen can marry an Indonesian citizen in the UK. It does not convey the right of UK citizenship or right of abode in the UK.

How can you get Indian citizenship if you are a Nepali citizen?

i am a Nepali but my mother was an Indian before is there any provision through which i can take Indian citizenship..i am ready to renunciate nepal's citizenship for that..

What group was gave citizenship in 1924?

The Indian Citizen Act of 1924 gave citizenship to all Native Americans.

Do you need a visa to traval to India as a Canadian citizen?

Yes, you do. But if you are of Indian origin, then you should get Overseas Indian Citizenship visa.Overseas Indian Citizenship visa, is a sticker pasted on a visa page on your passport and has lifelongvalidity.

Is Viswanathan Anand a citizen of Spain?

No, Viswanathan Anand, although he has lived in Spain, holds an Indian passport and Indian citizenship.

What are the requirements for being a citizen of India?

Born in India to Indian parents., marries to an Indian lived in India for 7 years and applied for Indian citizenship

Can Indian citizen apply for American citizenship from Australia if he gets married to American citizen in Australia?

They should be able to through an American Embassy.

What is the meaning of Single citizenship?

citizen only can vote a state representative. he Can't vote a president .